At Pepperwood, we believe that our wellbeing depends on the health of our natural world. Every day our team studies California’s land, water, and wildlife so we can educate decision-makers, our community, and the next generation about how best to care for the earth. With guidance grounded in science, we can all take action to sustain the planet that sustains us.

The Challenge A warming trend just shy of two degrees Fahrenheit has already led to extreme global events including heat waves, drought, wildfire, flooding, and rising tides. Under business-as-usual conditions, this warming is projected to triple by the end of this century. We need to take action now to leverage nature-based solutions that protect communities by building resilience and reducing emissions.

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Inspire Connections with Nature

By connecting our community with nature, we inspire a lifelong conservation ethic through exploration, observation, science, and artistic expression.

Restore Native Grasslands

Pepperwood is developing best management techniques to regenerate healthy grassland ecosystems at our reserve, and sharing these regenerative practices via agricultural partnerships and educational outreach

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Link Landscapes for Wildlife

Pepperwood is increasing the pace and scale of conservation actions that sustain or improve habitat quality and connectivity for wildlife.

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Build Climate and Fire Resilience

Pepperwood is a leader in advancing adaptation practices for drought, flood and wildfire, helping our community to build water security and climate resilience.

Our Commitment Pepperwood is committed to overcoming threats facing our community through research-based land management practices, ecosystem monitoring, ecological education, and collaborative conservation action. We bring scientists and community together to confront environmental challenges that require teamwork, innovative solutions, and a passion to protect our local life and landscapes.