About the Visiting Scholar Program at Pepperwood

Pepperwood's Visiting Scholar Program provides a unique opportunity for select scholars to pursue their research and data collection at Pepperwood’s 3,200-acre reserve, located in the headwaters of the Russian River watershed in the Mayacamas Mountains of Sonoma County, California. Pepperwood's field station and staff are uniquely positioned to fulfill critical roles in scientific research, systematic long-term data collection, and evidence-based stewardship.

Researchers from across the globe come to Pepperwood to study plant and animal life in Mediterranean ecosystems. Depending on your project type and level of funding, Pepperwood staff can provide a range of support services, including data sharing, housing, field access and navigation, project design and review, technical assistance, data management and analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

Why Study at Pepperwood?

3,200-acre Living Laboratory
Established Data Collection Site
Knowledge-sharing Networks
Housing & Facilities for Scholars

How to Apply

Step One:

Create a Research Proposal

Create a research project proposal for approval in advance of the proposed field season. The project proposal must include the following information:
  1. Project Title, Institution/Affiliation
  2. Contact information (email, phone, and mailing address) for the Principal Investigator and any key team members (e.g. graduate students or technicians)
  3. Rationale for the project
  4. Objectives listed in terms of hypotheses or descriptive results
  5. Methods including sampling design and proposed analysis, if/when/how many specimen collections are proposed and whether the appropriate collection permits have been obtained (if required)
  6. Calendar of implementation and accomplishments, anticipated project duration
  7. Special considerations that may be affected by our land management practices (e.g. requires seasonal grazing or other exclosures)
  8. Reporting objectives

Step Two:

Review and Sign Important Documents

Sign the Visiting Scholar Research Agreement and fill out the online Liability Waiver form. The research agreement outlines our access and data sharing policies.

Step Three:

Submit Proposal and all Forms

Submit all documents to research@pepperwoopreserve.org. Our research team will get back to you in a few weeks. If you need to expedite your request please call the preserve at 707-591-9310.