Our Work

TBC3 develops science-based products for adaptive management of natural resources in the face of climate change. Our interdisciplinary knowledge base delineates current and potential future relationships between climate, hydrology, fire, and terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. We translate complex data into simplified tools for land and water managers in response to specific user needs. Example projects and products underway include the following.

  • High-resolution climate and hydrology projections from the California Basin Characterization Model (BCM) that capture historic conditions plus 18 projected climate futures in monthly time-steps at a 270 m spatial scale. Learn more.
  • A projected vegetation model projecting how climate may drive the potential distribution patterns of native vegetation cover and habitats at a landscape unit scale. Learn more.
  • Application of a fire-modeling algorithm that incorporates BCM soil moisture and plant productivity indicators. Learn more.
  • A pioneering fog-frequency map for the Bay Area and environs based on weather satellite sources. Learn more.
  • A Climate Smart Watershed Analyst for watershed managers to extract simplified reports regarding the past and future of their resources. Learn more.
  • Integration of climate resilience into the Bay Area Open Space Council’s Conservation Lands Network, a regional conservation plan for protecting biodiversity in the Bay Area.
  • A vulnerability assessment for Climate Ready North Bay developed in concert with land and water local government agencies based in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties. Learn more.
  • A pilot Sentinel Site at Pepperwood that collects real-time weather, water and biota monitoring data to measure the health of resources, test scientific hypotheses, and inform on-the-ground adaptive management strategies. Learn more.
  • Participation in numerous technical advisory committees and workshops with research and management colleagues to advance the practice of adaptation planning.