Who is TBC3?  

Co-chairs Drs. David Ackerly of UC Berkeley’s Department of Integrative Biology and Lisa Micheli of Pepperwood’s Dwight Center for Conservation Science lead a team of hydrologists, biologists and conservation planners from multiple University of California campuses, USGS, Point Blue Conservation Science, the Creekside Center for Earth Observation, and the Bay Area Open Space Council with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Meet our core steering committee members.

Why TBC3?

California has a growing population, a dynamic economy, and one of the best networks of protected open spaces in the world. Our parks and working lands protect biodiversity, provide important ecosystem services, and are vital to our quality of life. In the next century, California–and the planet–will face dramatic changes in climate coupled with increased urbanization and habitat fragmentation. Threatened habitats and species may disappear from reserves that were created for their protection, and conversely, protected areas set aside today may serve as critical refuges or stepping stones for species migrating across fragmented landscapes in the future. Understanding how climate may stress our watersheds and ecosystems is critical. Ecosystem services provided by natural open spaces will be central to integrated adaptation strategies for both our urban and rural communities. Today’s decisions regarding acquisition and management of protected areas and working lands could profoundly impact our region’s watersheds and biodiversity for centuries to come.

TBC3 is a leader in developing empirically-based high-resolution climate-hydrology projections designed to support site-specific conservation solutions.  TBC3’s data is already informing the acquisition and management of protected areas and working lands in the San Francisco Bay Area, a process which will in part determine whether or not we will be successful in keeping our amazing California Floristic Province biodiversity alive for centuries to come. We can help partners to evaluate the potential impacts of climate change in order to make the most efficient use possible of limited resources and to maximize the long-term benefits of conservation actions.

Contact tbc3@pepperwoodpreserve.org for more information.


TBC3 is a collaborative project co-chaired by Pepperwood and UC Berkeley with critical funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation