Tosha Comendant, PhD

(707) 591-9310 x 203

PhD, UC Santa Cruz (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
BA, UC Berkeley (Integrative Biology)


Dr. Comendant is a conservation scientist with over 15 years experience developing innovative methods, visualization tools, databases, and science-based solutions that increase knowledge-transfer, enhance stakeholder engagement, and inform natural resource management decisions. She is a Napa Valley native and completed her doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UC Santa Cruz.  She joined Pepperwood as the Conservation Science Manager in 2017 where she conducts and manages complex research projects, supports monitoring and restoration initiatives, and cultivates impactful cross-sector partnerships.  Additionally, she serves on the boards of the Napa Valley Watershed Information and Conservation Council, the Society for Conservation GIS, and the Steering Committee of  the Conserved Lands Network Science Expansion.



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Contributor to report submitted by Johnston, J. and Gallagher, K. T to the Secretary of the Interior.  2016.  Recommendations from the workshop on optimizing and improving geospatial services to support landscape scale mitigation.  Convened jointly by the USGS Core Science Systems Mission Area and the DOI Office of the Chief Information Officer on October 22, 2014 in Washington, DC.

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