Stephanie Beard

(707) 591-9310

MA, Middlebury Institute of International Studies (International Environmental Policy)
MA, Middlebury Institute of International Studies (Public Administration)
BA, University of New Hampshire (English)

Stephanie grew up in southern New Hampshire, where she first fell in love with nature. Spending her summers camping throughout New England and southern Canada, she became utterly obsessed with the human niche/role in the natural world. Long ago, she swore that she would never, ever, for all the world, leave the glorious eastern United States. In her mid-twenties she moved to California and earned a Master’s in Public Administration and a second Master’s in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Stephanie was drawn to Pepperwood because of its collaborative science-based initiatives around fire and climate change in the North Bay, as well as its openness to traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and the integration of Indigenous science and perspectives in land stewardship. In addition to working with Pepperwood, Stephanie also works with the North Fork Mono Tribe of the Yosemite Valley. She is a student of cultural burning practices and TEK, and has studied with Ron Goode (Tribal Chair of the North Fork Mono Tribe) since her graduate studies in 2018. She has been on the Board of the Redbud Resource Group since 2020.

An avid reader, writer, and learner, Stephanie is enthusiastic about her role in Communications with Pepperwood; largely because there’s a lot to communicate about the work that is done here! She’ll leave you with this quote from Edward Abbey, which pretty much sums up her approach to life: “be loyal to what you love, be true to the Earth, fight your enemies with passion and laughter.”

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