Ryan Ferrell

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MS, UC Davis (Soils and Biogeochemistry)
BS, UC Davis (Soils and Biogeochemistry)

As a native of Santa Rosa and avid outdoorsman, Ryan has spent much of his free time on the rivers, the wetlands, farmlands and coastal mountain ranges of the Bay Area and greater California. After high school, Ryan attended the University of California – Davis where he earned both his undergraduate degree and a Masters of Science in Soils and Biogeochemistry. His thesis work focused on mapping and modeling regolith thickness for the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas of California, and linking thickness to water storage and its effects on forest susceptibility to drought-induced mortality. As Pepperwood’s Sentinel Site Manager, Ryan is in charge of Pepperwood’s rapidly expanding wireless meteorological and soil sensor network, and is in charge of data management and acquisition from these systems.

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List of Publications

Bode, C., Micheli, L., Smith, J. S., Ferrel, R., Flynn, K., Gray, M., … & Hammerich, S. (2023). B23F-2143 Dendra Remote Animal ID: Scaling Up Biodiversity Monitoring via in situ animal identification (Camera and Acoustic) using Machine Learning on industrial Edge computing hardware with low power global satellite uplink (SWARM)Authorea Preprints.

Forbes, B., Reilly, S., Clark, M., Ferrell, R., Kelly, A., Krause, P., Matley, C., O’Neil, M., Villasenor, M., Disney, M. and Wilkes, P., 2022. Comparing Remote Sensing and Field-Based Approaches to Estimate Ladder Fuels and Predict Wildfire Burn SeverityFrontiers in Forests and Global Change5.

Forbes, B.K., Reilly, S.P., Clark, M.L., Ferrell, R.M., Kelly, A.C., Krause, P.D., Matley, C.D., O’Neil, M.W., Villasenor, M.T., Disney, M.I. and Wilkes, P., 2021. Plot-level ladder fuel estimation from a suite of remote sensing and field methods.

Bentley, L.P., Forbes, B., Reilly, S., Clark, M., Ferrell, R., Kelly, A., Krause, P., Matley, C., O’Neil, M., Villasenor, M. and Disney, M., 2021, December. Evaluating Remote Sensing Approaches to Describe Forest Structure for Ladder Fuel Estimation and to Predict Wildfire Burn Severity. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 2021, pp. B25E-1510).

Keen, R.M., Voelker, S.L., Bentz, B.J., Wang, S.Y.S. and Ferrell, R., 2020. Stronger influence of growth rate than severity of drought stress on mortality of large ponderosa pines during the 2012–2015 California droughtOecologia194, pp.359-370.

O’Geen, A., Safeeq, M., Wagenbrenner, J., Stacy, E., Hartsough, P., Devine, S., Tian, Z., Ferrell, R., Goulden, M., Hopmans, J.W. and Bales, R., 2018. Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory and Kings River Experimental Watersheds: A synthesis of measurements, new insights, and future directions. Vadose Zone Journal, 17(1), pp.1-18.

Ferrell, R.M., 2017. Patterns and above-ground ecosystem interactions of regolith in the southern Sierra Nevada of California. University of California, Davis.

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