Morgan Gray, PhD

(707) 591-9310

PhD, UC Berkeley (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)

Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Morgan saw the impacts of development on the diverse wild spaces that make the region unique, and considers biodiversity conservation a lifelong vocation. As a Conservation Analyst at Pepperwood, Morgan uses data about wildlife, climate, and the environment to keep our landscapes connected and resilient. Her PhD research at UC Berkeley showed how human land use shapes where animals live, and has informed regional conservation plans that will help wildlife thrive.

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List of Publications

Bode, C., Micheli, L., Smith, J. S., Ferrel, R., Flynn, K., Gray, M., … & Hammerich, S. (2023). B23F-2143 Dendra Remote Animal ID: Scaling Up Biodiversity Monitoring via in situ animal identification (Camera and Acoustic) using Machine Learning on industrial Edge computing hardware with low power global satellite uplink (SWARM)Authorea Preprints.

Gray, M, EM Micheli, TC Comendant, AM Merenlender. Sustained stakeholder engagement promotes use of co-produced climate-wise connectivity knowledge by a practitioner network. Land 9:413.

Gray, M, EM Micheli, TC Comendant, AM Merenlender. Quantifying climate-wise connectivity across a topographically diverse landscape. Land 9:355.

Gray, M, CC Wilmers, SE Reed, AM Merenlender. 2016. Evaluating connectivity models using puma occurrence data in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Landscape and Urban Planning 147:50-58.

Gray, M, JM Klip, AR Krohn, RA Marsh,LA McGinnis. 2014. The Big bad wolf or a symbol of the American wilderness? National Science Foundation, National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.

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