Clint McKay

The Chair of our Native Advisory Council is the honorable Clint McKay who is Wappo, Pomo, and Wintun.  Clint McKay’s importance to Pepperwood cannot be overstated.  His contribution has been recognized with his formal appointment to a position on Pepperwood’s staff as the Pepperwood Cultural Consultant.  He is the descendant of several important local culture bearers that include the late Laura Fish Somersal and the late Mabel McKay.  Mr. McKay is a Native speaker of the Wappo language and he also speaks some Pomo.  He is a culture bearer with extensive Native oral historical knowledge, not only of Pepperwood but also of the entire region. Clint is a capable naturalist with a deep understanding of plant communities and traditional Wappo methods of nurturing them.  He is a gifted basket weaver and he served as Chair of the California Indian Basket Weavers Association for two terms.  Mr. McKay is also a traditional Wappo spiritual leader and he is the headman of a traditional dance group.  Having him as Chair of the Pepperwood Native Advisory Council is very appropriate.