Ensure Your Legacy by Becoming a Member of the Sentinel Society

The Sentinel Society takes its name from Pepperwood’s designation as a Sentinel Site, which acknowledges Pepperwood’s critical role in providing scientific information and data that informs and transforms conservation practices regionally and nationally. Sentinels defend and keep watch, and through your estate plan, as a member of the Sentinel Society, you will make it possible for Pepperwood to be a vigilant protector of nature today and in the future.

In your will you can make an outright gift to Pepperwood, designate a percentage of your estate, or elect that Pepperwood receive the remainder of your estate once heirs and other charitable gifts are distributed. Gifts to Pepperwood made in your will or living trust may entitle your estate to a charitable tax deduction.

Additional ways you can support Pepperwood through your estate is by naming Pepperwood as a beneficiary of your retirement accounts, life insurance plans, Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and other financial accounts. These gifts may be free from federal and state estate taxes. As with all gifts, please consult a financial advisor prior to making any gift to determine its tax implications.

Thank you for considering becoming a member of Pepperwood’s Sentinel Society. Please contact Gwynne Corrigan if you wish to find out more information.


“Our connection with Pepperwood goes back 43 years when the California Academy of Sciences first received ownership of Pepperwood. After all those years of being associated with the property under both ownerships we feel a close and warm relationship with the beautiful place. We appreciate the fact that it is being utilized for so many important functions and is a wonderful asset for Sonoma County.”

– Gerald & Buff Corsi

Sentinel Society members

How to Start Your Legacy

Pepperwood suggests this simple language for your will, codicil to your will, or your living trust:

“I hereby give and bequeath (a specific amount/a percentage of your estate/or specific assets) to Pepperwood Foundation, a not-for-profit, California tax-exempt organization, taxpayer ID# 01-0817, with business address of 2130 Pepperwood Preserve Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Phone number: (707) 591.9310.

We suggest that you specify your bequest be:

“used in such a manner as the board of Directors of Pepperwood shall, in its discretion, determine.”

We appreciate your considering an estate gift to Pepperwood. Should you decide to make Pepperwood a beneficiary of your will or living trust, please let us know so that we can thank you for your generosity. This information will be kept strictly confidential.