Wildflowers of Pepperwood Book – Estefany Mojica, 16

This project is a book/journal of 10 different wildflowers in pepperwood where each have their own description about the things they work for or the way others use them. It also has an interesting fun fact about them at the end of each description! 

I have always loved wildflowers. I also chose this project because of Johnny, Xochilt, and Stephanie! So BIG thanks to them all. Every time we went hiking they would talk about the flowers; say their name and an interesting fact. When I heard them talk about it I would get curious. The first time I heard Xochilt talking to Johnny and asking him what kind of flower was the small pink flower near the trail, was when I thought about doing my projects on those! They would often talk about so many different flowers and I’d get near them and take photos of them. So really, they were who inspired me to create something having to do with flowers. I was going to make this all in a slideshow but then I thought that I have always wanted to make a book and since school doesn’t give us much time for projects I realized this was now my opportunity to finally get to do a small book about something I love! Thank you!

Estefany Mojica-Pepperwood Wildflowers Book