The Importance of Parks & Impacts Climate Change – Sam Houser, 17

When brainstorming the topic of this project, I knew I wanted to focus on a subject that I already had an emotional connection to. It was clear that some sort of ecological or environmental knowledge needed to be displayed or discussed, so I thought an apt topic would be a park. My mind went to parks because they play both a social and ecological role in a community, so I could incorporate lessons from every corner of TeenNat. So I decided to focus on a park that hit close to home, literally: Helen Putnam. This park is situated a few blocks away from me and has been one of my usual haunts since childhood. Going off that, I wanted to talk about the importance of parks in a community, and how this connection was personal to me when discussing Helen Putnam.

Also, I wanted to touch on Climate Change and how parks in our area could be impacted, and why in an era of environmental upheaval parks are more important than ever. In order to communicate all this information, I decided to showcase it on a poster. I am very well acquainted with this format due to school, so I knew it wouldn’t be extraordinarily difficult. The research process was not very taxing, as there was a huge amount of information about the important services parks provide, and how climate change may affect ecosystems like ours. The only real challenge I encountered was making my project aesthetically pleasing, which is not something I usually struggle with. On this occasion, I did not allot enough time for decoration, and was not totally enamored with the final look of my poster. Overall, the most enjoyable part about this whole process was researching a place that I already held deep love for.

Hear Sam discuss the importance of community parks, and how Helen Putnam Regional Park may be impacted by climate change: