TBC3 co-chairs Dr. Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood President (left) and Dr. David Ackerly, UC Berkeley Professor (right) with a weather station at Pepperwood.

Pepperwood’s Terrestrial Biodiversity and Climate Change Collaborative (TBC3) is a vibrant collective of university, non-profit and government experts focused on bringing the best available science to inform climate adaptation strategies for natural resources in California’s Coast Ranges. TBC3 is co-chaired by Pepperwood and UC Berkeley.

Our goal is to combine our unique skill sets in innovative ways to advance a cross-disciplinary understanding of how climate and biology intersect in the stunning mountains and valleys of our region. We engage directly with land and water managers to help navigate the complexities of measuring and modeling relationships between climate, hydrology, and ecosystem response in terrestrial and freshwater environments. We utilize Pepperwood as a home-base for workshops, trainings, adaptive management pilot projects and long-term integrated climate-water-ecosystem “sentinel site” monitoring.

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