Neighborhood Trash Clean-Up & Analysis – Sam Sun, 13

My project was to collect data from the garbage I find in my community. I was motivated to do this project because every time I take a walk outside, I would always encounter garbage. I wanted to live in a cleaner and healthier community, so I decided to base my project off of garbage’s impact on the environment. I had to get up every morning and take a walk every evening and write down what I found in a notebook. Then I had to make a graph out of the data I collected. I also made a map to show which areas had the most accumulated garbage. The hardest part of completing this project was to stick with my schedule and plan. Sometimes I was too lazy to get up in the morning. But I still went out. Developing a time frame helped a lot with this issue. Gathering the data took the most time and the most effort. Doing this project made me realize how much trash humans can produce in such a short amount of time.

Learn about Sam’s process and what he found here:

Sam S Final Project