Neighborhood Creek Biodiversity – Cameron Carpenter, 17

I created my project because I recently moved from the house I had lived at for nearly all of my life and I wanted to do something that would help remember the creek that was near my house. So this project was a way to capture the creek and the plants and animals that lived in it. Also to capture some of the local plants and animals that you might just miss on a normal walk. What I think I want other people to get out of my project is a look into the life of a small creek that shows that there is lots of diversity that you can find that is close by and doesn’t really require traveling too far to find it.

I started my project by first walking along the creek and not really taking any photos but just enjoying being in nature while also thinking about what kind of photos I wanted to take. Once I figured that out I went for a walk later that day and started out taking pictures of plants and some pictures of trees with the sun shining on them. I didn’t see too many animals but that also could’ve been that I wasn’t being as observant because I might’ve been too focused on just finishing the project and overlooking small things. I went back the next day and saw a lot more animal species like the egret and the bees nest.

One of my challenges was actually trying to get good pictures of the ducks because they would either just swim away or fly away every time I tried to get close enough for a picture. I spent an equal amount of time taking pictures and putting the slideshow together. But if I had to pick one thing that took the most time I would go with the pictures of the egret because I would have to take a couple steps at a time so it was a slow process trying to get close. The most enjoyable part of doing my project would have to be just spending some time along on the creek. I would say almost all of the other times I had been walking along it I would either be with family or walking my dogs so I never really got to fully appreciate it and just pay attention to what was around me.

See Cameron’s photos and hear more about his process here: