Nature Journal Project – Anika McMillian, 14

I decided to make a nature journal because I enjoy spending time outside and my curiosity often drives me crazy if I can’t identify a bird or animal I saw. I became more convinced when I dug up the journal from middle school that had already been intended to be a nature journal kind of thing. Of course, I only had a poem and a sketch in the first 2 pages of the journal, so I had plenty of extra room. Every day I both remembered and had time I would go out into my backyard to gather info for a page of my journal. I would start by walking around and taking photos of anything that seemed interesting. Then I sat beneath my willow as still as possible from anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to see if I could get any photos of birds. Then later that day I would use the photos as references to draw in my nature journal. One of the hardest challenges is when I couldn’t get a clear photo and had to memorize the details or when I head to use ratios and compare things I knew the size of to the things I was journaling, like the dragonfly on 7/23/20 who flew off before I could measure it. It really was awesome to have an excuse to spend so much time outside though. I saw some amazing things while looking for stuff to journal.

Explore Anika’s nature journal pages here, including a poem she wrote:

Anika's Nature Journal