Microplastics and Human Health – Aarav Dubey, 17

Growing up in India, I saw heaps of plastic waste all around when I went outside. Seeing dogs, cows and other animals consume this plastic, and learning about how plastic persists within our environment for a long time opened my eyes to how big an issue this truly is. In this review paper, I will compile research from reputable sources about a specific type of plastics waste called “microplastics.” I will showcase the impact these microplastics have on our ecosystem, including in the soil, water and air, to shed light on how multifaceted this problem truly is. Hopefully a better understanding of the widespread nature of this problem can motivate readers to be more mindful in their plastic consumption and advocate in their communities. I encountered the obstacle of plastic being too big a subject to cover in one article, and thus have narrowed the focus down to microplastics. Most of the time spent was spent exploring different research articles from reputable sources that work well together to tell a single narrative. The most enjoyable part of the research project was making my own images for this review.

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Aarav D Final Project