Importance of Native Species – Anonymous, 13

I chose this project because I wanted to understand the importance of native species and their effect on the ecosystem. From hearing about my project, I want people to understand the importance of Native species and how essential they are to the ecosystem. It was very challenging making a virtual presentation because I had never done it before. It was a very steep learning curve! The most enjoyable part I found was going out and taking the photographs as well as reading all of my resources. Oh, and working with my amazing project mentor(!). 

Summarizing what is in the article:

  • Explaining the difference between a native, a non-native and an invasive species 
  • What non-native and invasive species do to the ecosystem
  • What we can do

Read this TeenNat Alum’s article about native and invasive species, including photos they took, here:

Native Species Article TeenNat project