Golden Gate Biosphere

First thing’s first: what exactly is a biosphere region?

The biosphere is the thin zone of the Earth where land, water, and air interact to support life. It is the worldwide sum of all ecosystems. Simply put, it is where all life on Earth exists.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Man and Biosphere Program (MAB) recognizes specific sites around the globe as Biosphere Regions or Biosphere Reserves due to their ecological, economic, and cultural significance.

Biosphere Regions work on projects that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Work is supported by the three (3) pillars of the Man & Biosphere Program.

  • Conservation – Contribute to the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic variation.
  • Development – Foster economic and human development which is socio-culturally and ecologically sustainable.
  • Logistic Support – Support for demonstration projects, environmental education and training, research and monitoring related to local, regional, national, and global conservation and sustainable development issues.

What is the Golden Gate Biosphere Network

The Golden Gate Biosphere Network (GGBN) is a voluntary, internationally recognized partnership open to local, state, and federal agencies, tribal governments, conservation nonprofits, universities, working lands, community groups, and the private sector working to build harmonious relationships between people and nature.

We are the only Biosphere Region in the United States where land, sea, and city meet. From the windswept coasts of Sonoma County to the towering peaks of Mt. Tamalpais, and from the bustling Presidio to the quiet solitude of the Farallones, our Biosphere Region celebrates the connections between these incredible natural spaces and the communities who live, work, and play within them.

Partners collaborate to conserve nature and maintain the benefits of healthy lands and waters for our Biosphere Region’s quality of life. The GGBN also facilitates the sharing of knowledge and best practices at the regional, national, and international scales through membership in the U.S. Biosphere Network (USBN), World Network of Island and Coast Biosphere Reserves, & the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

What Does the GGBN Do?

The science is clear: climate change and global biodiversity loss will continue to threaten our quality of life for the foreseeable future. While that statement is daunting, we choose to see this moment as one of opportunity rather than one of despair. We understand that in order to meet these challenges head on, we must work together to find bold, innovative, and equitable solutions that strengthen the resiliency of our communities and our shared environment. We are up to the task.

The Golden Gate Biosphere Network provides a critical network for communication and coordination between communities and organizations within our Biosphere Region, the design and implementation of collaborative conservation and sustainable management projects, and the facilitation of knowledge sharing at the regional, national, and international scales.

How is Pepperwood involved?

Having a reserve like Pepperwood greatly enhances our adaptive capacity as a region. Pepperwood’s Watershed Sentinel Site provides important data and ecosystems monitoring that contributes to our understanding of how this region responds to a changing climate. With these data can help model trends and guide sustainable development. Pepperwood serves on the Steering Committee, the Conservation Planning Committee, and with EcoAdapt to use TBC3 data to conduct a comprehensive climate vulnerability and adaptation project with the full suite of GGBN partners.