Creek Trail Trash Clean-Up & Analysis – Vincent Huynh, 16

The reason I chose to do this project is because when I go on runs in the evening, I usually run on this creek and I have noticed that there is an abundance of trash everywhere. This motivated me to clean up this creek because when I am running, I do not want to trip or step on the land litter that is located on the trail. What I want people to get out of hearing about my project is that we should all be aware of the trash around us, and how it can affect the environment’s health. I also want people to be inspired to clean up their neighborhood creek or trail so that we can take a bigger step towards a healthier environment.

The steps that I took to complete this project is that I had to plan out when I would go to the creek to pick up trash. I had to look at the weather because I did not want to go pick up trash on a rainy day. After planning out my days to go pick up trash I packed up all my equipment and took my bike out to the creek. When I was done picking up the trash I would record what trash I collected and the amount that I found. I repeated this process three times. After I collected all my data I put it into charts and created graphs. The hardest challenge I faced during this project was when I got a flat tire. This reduced the time I had during my trips to the creek because I would have to get home earlier than usual before the sun goes down. What I spent the most time on was picking up trash at the creek because I had to walk around the trail and under the bridges to see if I could find any trash. Due to this picking up trash was the most time consuming.

Hear from Vincent about his process and findings during his trash clean-up: