Backyard Birds Video Documentary – Zander Boeger, 14

The reason I created this project was simply because I wanted to figure out how many different species of birds lived in my backyard. I want the people who listen to my project to become motivated to go outside and learn more about the world around them. My process started with me sitting outside looking for birds, finding one, recording a short video of it, then I proceeded to identify the birds I saw with a field guide, then I made a slides presentation. Finally, I edited the videos together and submitted it. One challenge I came across was that birds fly away at the slightest noise. Another challenge I came across was that it was very difficult to get good close up shots and also to get video of the birds because they move so fast. Finally, it was difficult to sit there for long periods of time waiting for birds.I spent most of my time working on the project on the bird watching aspect. The most enjoyable part of the project for me was when I saw a flock of bushtits.

Learn all about common backyard birds of Petaluma in Zander’s video here: