About the Exhibit

Pepperwood is pleased to be an advocate and host for Creative Sonoma’s ArtSurround project! ArtSurround is a grant program for Sonoma County artists working in creative placemaking, public art, and community engagement. This year we’re proud to host several amazing artists at Pepperwood and the [private] opening reception took place Friday, December 1st, with a poetry reading featuring Kelly Gray and seven local writers she’s worked with over the last few months, as well as the premiere of an instrumental composition by Kenny Simeone, in addition to the visual artwork featured in the Gallery and noted below.

Although the opening reception was private, the event was filmed by Ian A. Nelson, who also documented the artists at work leading up to the event. The documentary film is available here.

Artists Featured

– “The In Between” by Christopher Reiger — artwork focusing on animals active during the dusk and dawn times of day (like the fox that’s pictured).

– Handmade paper installations by Jane Ingram Allen based on her larger outdoor “Living Leaf” installation – a giant pepperwood tree leaf that utilizes handmade paper and seeds for local grasses that will change over time into a living leaf in the landscape

– Michelle Hirsch’s mixed media installation “Healing and Emergence” uses found materials designed to capture the essence of the reserve by way of material and pre-colonial text.

– There was also a mural unveiling of a Sonoma County landscape, painted by Magalli Larque and the Latino Service Providers Youth Promatores.

Virtual Gallery

This virtual gallery is made possible by Pepperwood Steward and photographer, Gary Morgret.