With Gratitude For All of You Who Stand With Us to Keep California’s Working and Wild Lands Healthy for Generations to Come

Individual Gifts

This list represents donations received between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

$50,000 and up

Beth Berkson and Rob Das
Herb and Jane Dwight
Alan and Susan Preston

$25,000 to $49,999

J-P Conte Family Foundation
Drexler Estate Fund
William and Selina Dwight
William and Marilyn Henderson
Victor and Karen Trione
Robert Weltman and Janice Butler
Joseph and Kathryn Zils

$10,000 to $24,999

Craig and Zabrina Adas
Austin Foundation
Roger and Michele Burch
Joanne D. Dow Family Charitable Fund
Paul and Hallie Downey
Mark and Juliet Dwight
Virginia L. Fifield Fund
Micheli Family Foundation
Roger and Monica Nelson
Ron and Eileen Nelson Fund of CFSC
Michael and Paula Rantz Foundation
Jim Walters
Gaines and Annie Wehrle

$5,000 to $9,999

Jay and Karen Abbe
Andy and Betty Beckstoffer
Dolores Cakebread
Arthur & Carlyse Ciocca Charitable Foundation
Gerald and Buff Corsi
Holly and Mike Depatie
The Gordon J. Dow Trust
Richard and Lynn Kelson
Mark and Cristi Murphy
Jane Nielson and Howard Wilshire
Kurt and Debra Shaver
Ross Stromberg and Melita Love
Fred Wiele
Ron Zeff

$1,000 to $4,999

Micah Addison
Robert and Kim Agrella
Tom and Julie Atwood
Linda Balok
Stephen and Linda Barnhart
Jon H. Bechtel
David and Celine Berman Family Fund
Karen and Jeff Block
Bradley Family Foundation
Douglas and Sarah Brown
Bull Family Fund
Tim and Pam Chanter
James Ryan Clark
Eugene and Sonya Clark-Herrera
Ronald and Carol Cox
Mary Alice and Tom Davidov
Day Systems
Robert N. and Nancy A. Downey Foundation
Kate Ecker and John Mackie
Eric and Jennifer Edmondson
Barbara Epstein
Andy and Susanne Esquivel
Christopher and Tamara Evans
EBalive LLC
Jenna and Steven Feinberg
Bob and Marcia Fosberg
Jennifer and Zack Fresco
Dennis and Sue Fujita
Michael Garwood and Lynne Bisagno
Rip and Audrey Gerber
Julia L. Grant Fund of CFSC
William and Jean Graustein Fund
Mark and Elizabeth Hanson
H. William and Deborah Harlan
Randy and Kelly Hicks
Tompkins/Imhoff Family Fund at CFSC
Stephanie Johnson and Gaylord Kellogg
Maggie Kaplan of the A Bow of Gratitude Fund
Barbara Lannin
Tom and Kellie Larson
Claude Laval
Rebecca Lee
Martyn and Sandie Lewis
John and Daryl Lillie
Marty and Phyllis Martin-Vegue
Mike and Suzy Marzalek
Lisa Micheli
George and Nancy Montgomery
Gib and Susan Myers
Newman Family
The Barbara L. Niemann Charitable Foundation
Dave and Natalie Plecque
Harry and Dee Richardson
David and Kristin Ritterbush
Gordon Rubenstein and Krista Ramonas
Jon Cooksey and Shawn Sasse
Richard and Katherine Schram
John and Elizabeth Sheela
Jerry and Laura Sherman
Soiland Family Charitable Fund of CFSC
Stollmeyer Family Fund
Jack and Diane Stuppin Fund of CFSC
The Swaney Charitable Fund
Ben Cushman and George Tuttle
Chuck Twichell and Mary Stroh-Twichell
Steven and Joanna Ungerleider
Denman and Kate Van Ness
Dr. Steven and Susan Vargas
Verlander Family Charitable Fund
Jim and Lori Vincent
Warren and Janis Watkins
Wear Family Charitable Fund
Nelson and Jane Weller
Dave and Lisa Whitney
Mike and Ginny Winter
Sara and Peter Woodfield
Jim and Valerie Woods
Sandy and Bob Young

$500 to $999

Lisa Carreño and Lorene Irizary
Tosha Comendant and Everett Kaplan
Marci and Jib Ellison
Ned Forrest and Leslie Whitelaw
Lee Golden Wright
The Barrie and Julianna Graham Charitable Fund
Amanda and Ray Haas Fund of CFSC
The Garden Class Napa Valley
Michele Ingham
Robert and Linda Judd
Michael Keller and Carol Lawrence
Mike and Lynn Kohrs
Frances and Frankie Lee
Ken Link
Charlene and Phil Luks
Steve Purcell and Collette Michaud
Amanda Micheli and Eric Shank
Barbara Moulton and Tom Helm
Neil Smith and Kristin Nelson
Steve and Judy Page
Mary Power
Alex and Ellisha Purtill
Erik and Kathleen Ralston
Richard Rodriguez
Robert Sargent and Bic Ha Dovan
Harold and Jo Anne Schlegel
Ann Shippey
Kat Stephens
Brian and Emily Sullivan
William and Leslie Thompson
Peter and Susan Witter
Wunderlich Family Gift Fund

$100 to $499

David Ackerly
Ed and Susan Adams
David Andersen and Suzanne Chapple
Brenton Anderson
Gail Anderson
Terry and Monica Anderson
Richard and Carol Baker
Anne-Marie Bakker
Shannon Bennett and Durrell Kapan
John and Barbara Bohn
Kristan Bonnett
Elaine Booth
Janet Bosshard
Lynnette and Nick Bower
Ken and Chris Bowerman
Matt Brewer
Dan and Donna Brown
Joanne Bruggemann
Marcia Burkart
Jay and Pat Cahill
Jane Campbell
Terry Price and Kerry Campbell-Price
Laurie and Marilyn Capitelli
Harvey Hoefer and Lisa Carr
Lisa and Gary Carter
Peter Chandonnet and Tim Schroeder
Tom and Emmy Cleland
Tony Cohen
J.P. Ellis and Joan Comendant
Richard Dale
Andrea Davis
Trista DeAngelis
Jane DeBriyn
Lucas Dexter
Sharon Dezurick
Jane Doe
George and Cynthia Doubleday
Bill and Dawnine Dyer
Candi Edmondson
Wendy Eliot and Michael Fitzgibbon
Ken and Ramona English
Frederick Euphrat
Robin Fautley
Ken and Jan Foote
Greg Franck
Frazier Foundation, Inc.
John and Joan Fries
Sandi Funke and Mike Wangbickler
Jim and Susan Gaither
Jeana Garcia
John and Shari Garn
Betsy Garner
Nolan and Lynn Gasser
Michael Gillogly and Ginger Parish
Madison Glenn
Paul and Melanie Godowski
Terry and Bonnie Gosliner
Natasha Granoff
Jessica and Eddie Green
Carolyn Greene
Elaine Gutsch
Aileen Santos and Kathy Haas
David Hearth and Lauren Hall
Bill and Flora Haluzak
Thomas Hammond
Wayne and Susan Haydon
Patricia Haynes
David and Sarah Hehman
Bryant and Diane Hichwa
Steve Goldberg and Linda Higueras
Molly Hill
Sue and Mike Hoey
Tom and Jane Holt
Chris Hottinger
Tina Ius
Greg and Kathleen Jacobs
Sarah James
Stacey Jennings
Huey Johnson
Jerry and Linda Johnston
Tom Kaminska and Pat MacKenzie
Tom Kamm
Bruce Kassel and Cheryl Kitchell
Michael Kavanaugh and Carol James
Judy Koehler
Eric & Angela Korpela
Philip LaParne and Luann Schend
Jennifer Lawrence
Sheila & Paul Leach
Xavier and Cynthia Lema
Kitty Leung
Peter and Olivia Leveque
Jim and Marcia Levy
Terry and Misty Lindley
Cassandra Liu
David Loeb
Jessica Lofgren
Robert Lonto
Sharon Marshall
David and Catherine Marsten
Sandra Martensen and Alan Selby
Bryan and Merle Martin
Larry and Laura Martin
Richard and Marcie Martinez
Jim and Cherylyn McCalligan
John and Martha McCullough
George and Marie McKinney
Adina Merenlender
Marcella Moloshco
Robert and Diane Moresi
Cynthia Murray
Suzanne Narducci
Marco and Sandra Nevarez
MaryAnn Nickel
Ruth Norman
Marthe Norwick
Henry O'Donnell
Joan Osterman
Dr. Norman and Karen Panting
Suzanne Pasky Fouts and John Fouts
Sandi Passalacqua
Jamie Peterson
Greg and Caryl Putnam
Jenn Quinteros
Kathie Ramazzotti and DJ Phimister
The Rebecchi Family
Matt Reid and Marcy Webb
Michael Reinecke
Marylee Requa
Roma Robbins
Kimberly and Wanda Robertson
Tom Robinson
Alan Rogers
Adam and Joanna Rosenblum
Esther Schaut
Paul and Patty Schoch
Keith Schoenthal
Linda Schroeter
Ron and Colleen Schultz
Judy Scotchmoor and Roland Gangloff
Laurence Seaton
Cristi Shanahan
Roger Shapiro
Sirota/Sottile Family Foundation
Frank and Heather Smith
Edward Teske and Susan Smith
Lori Sollom
Zehra Sonkaynar and Marty Greenham
Amy Southwick
Margaret Spaulding
Susan St. Marie
Hans and Gay Stern
Zach Stewart and Ann King Somerville
Calvin and Leny Strobel
The Swanhuyser Family
Genevieve Taylor and Christopher Peck
Ken Tran
Carol Tremmel
Debby Turner
Jennifer Velasquez
Mike and Elaine Von Der Porten
Ana Von Hirtz
Rainer and Marianne Wachalovsky
Caspar and Brooke Wagner
Gina Wagy
Therese Walker
Bill and Linda Walsh
Tom Walsh
Wendy Ward
Peter Warner
Andrew Wehn
Dorothy Weicker
Ronald Welch and Ellen Watson
Joan Westgate
Bill and Ingrid Wheeler
Al Wiers
Myron and Christine Williams
Kurt Willig and Kai Nissley
Robert Grove and Faith Wilson-Grove
Connie Wolfe
Robin Woodland and Pam Nicholls
Anna Woods
Lynn Woolsey

up to $99

Tom and Peggy Abbey
Bob Ahders
Jason and Carol Allen
David and Cathy Anderson
Janet Anderson
Carl Appellof
Linda and Addison Archie
Bettina Armstrong
Charles & Barbara Baker
Roslyn Ball
Heidi Ballard
Andy Bannister
David and Maripat Bannister
Judy Barcelon
Ryan Barrett
Sharon Barrett
Carola and Robert Bartz
Helen Baum
Richard & Pamela Beebe
Orienne Bennett
Zelda Bettman
Simon and Kimberly Blattner
Laurie Boone Hogen
Richard and Judy Borda
Jerry Bowerman
John Branscome
Corilynn Breitwisch
Fred and Sandy Brewer
Bonnie Brooks
John and Joan Broughton
Marciana Burke
Mike and Melissa Calvelli
John McKinney and Sue Campbell
Bill and Nancy Carle
Leonel and Ann Carranza
Chris Carrieri and Connie Cloak
Cristina Castanha
John Chan
Roberta Chan
Cheryl Cherney
Scott and Shirley Chilcott
James and Gayle Citta
Joan and Stu Clark
Robyn Cleaves
Linda Switzer Clopton
Laura Close
Bruce Codding and Ann Foster
Connie Codding Codding Foundation
Julian and Marie Cohen
Judith Collins
Dan and Janet Condron
James and Marsha Connell
Susan and Robert Cook
Ralph and Liza Cotter
Steve and Juel Craig
Elizabeth Crane
Jim Crumpler
Annella Dalrymple
Arthur Dawson
Roberta Delgado
Elaine de Man
Rick and Teresa Denniston
Mirjam de Rijk
Dave Dexter
Kathi Dowdakin
Allan Drevlo
Christine Dreyer
Alison Duiven
Ashley Dumbra
Cheryl Dunn
Debbie Ebling
Ted and Peggy Elliott
Dale Englehorn
Matt and Tiffany Erickson
Melinda Evans
Robin Fechter
Izetta Feeny
Judith Fenley
Larell Fineren
Steve and Robin Finkelstein
Mary and Paul Finn
John Fisher
Jane Fusek
Dorothy J. Gaitan
Adriane Garayalde
Jocelyn Gardner
Lynn Garric
Wayne and Pamela Gehrke
Jill Gerry
Diane Giffin
Karen Girard
Thea Goldstine
George Golfieri
Anthony and Elizabeth Graziani
Loni Greenspan
Bruce Grimes
Elaine and John Guaralia
Eleanor Guerin
Denise Guidry
Elena Gutteridge
Valerie Habegger
Bernard Halliwell
Shawn Hamill
Georgia Hammerich
Arlene Hansen
Jim Hanson
Philip Harriman
Ed Harrington and Dan Scannell
Elizabeth Harris
Lynn Harris
Melinda Harris
Terry and Carolyn Harrison
Bruce Hartsough and Lesli Lee
Ron Hayes
Carol Hazlett
Susan Heick
Inge Helderweirt
Judy Helfand and Pam Bates
Thea Hensel
Ruth Hicks
Kelly Hidalgo and Wyatt Daly
Pam Horton
Jodi Hottel
Theresa House
David Leland and Ann Howald
Martine Hughey
Mark, Jami and Amy Hulsman
Jessica Irwin
Robert and Claudia Irwin
Cliff and Irene Ives
Julie Jehly
Hillary and Michael Kambour
Melanie and Perry Karsen
Cynthia Kayser and Larry Norall
Berit Keeble
Heide Keeble
Iain and Cathy Kelly
Tony King and Pam Glasscock
Nell Kneibler
Aaron Kohrs
Patty Kolin
Joachim Kothe
Wayne and Ellen Krebs
Tasha Krongard
Reta Kyle and Gary Santero
Katherine Lacy
Coby LaFayette
Gerry La Londe-Berg and Amy Appleton
Timothy Lang and Lisa Lieberman
Jeannene Langford
Alice Larsen
William Larsen
Stew Lauterbach and Barbara Swary
Frederique Laviopierre
Caly Lawson
Dennis and Darlene Leffler
Susan Lentz
Audrey and Dale Leyhe
Lucy Liew Love and Craig Love
Leslie Lihou
Betsy Livingstone
Nancy Lloyd and Michael Princevalle
Ramona Lohman
Simon and Anne Lowings
Virginia Mahacek
Karina Maher & Michael Kovac
Maureen Manley
Jonathon Mann
John Marley
Lucy Martin
Aspen Mayers and Katie Aimo
Barbara McCoard
Sandra McCubbin
Linda McJannet
David and Winky Merrill
Edward and Connie Montague
Linda Mori
Amber and Rick Moshin
Mary Munc
Rosaleen Murphy
Stephanie Nacouzi
Corinne Nakao
Carol Newman
Susan Nuernberg
Liam O'Brien
Claire O'Neill
Donald Oberthur and Martha McEwen
Judith Olney and Marc Bommersbach
Steve and Elaine Olson
Carol Orme
Laura Owens
Liz and Bill Park
Laura Parker
Stefan Parnay
Liz Parsons
Anna Paul
Victoria and Richard Pearson
Yveline Pelletier
Henry and Karla Perez
Ann and Norm Perry
Connie Petereit
Raymond Peterson
Wendy and Mitchel Peterson
Susan Philpot
Rhoann Ponseti and Stefan Jonson
Lou and Susan Preston
Linda Price
Linda Price
Christopher Quock
Barbara Recchia
Stephanie Reed
Josephine Richard
Susan Richter
George Riner
Doug Roberts
Joe and Kathy Rodrigues
Raymie Roland
Linda Romero
Maria Ronchelli and Diane Kinney
Mike and Barbara Rosen
Lorelle Ross
Jim Rosso and Karen Billings
Shelley Roth
Abigail Samoun
Karen Schicora
Teresa Schmidt and Doug Hast
Peter Schurch
Jack Oswald and Anneke Seley
Bryan and Pat Sesser
Carolyn Sharp
Judith Shaw
Socorro Shiels
Anneke Shurtleff
Jim Sickles and Linda Mannion-Terra
James and Carol Silfvast
Shelley Simmons
Dave Slusser
Richard Smock
Rob and Mary Frances Sparkman
Theresa Spear and John Rush
Anna Starovoytov
Patrick and Regina Stateler-Calhoun
Cate Steane
Sue Sternhagen
Prescott and Susan Stone
Pamela Swanson
Linda Swartz
Joan Tabb and David Waisbein
Kim Taddei and Bruce Hill
Karen Thomas
Diane Toso
Laura Tracy
David and Suzy Tribbey
Francesca Tyrnauer
John Urbanski and Lisa Neuson
Kent Ustiantseff and Marion Larsen
Pamela Valdes
Anna van der Corput
Jessica Vandeveer
Lisa Velasquez
Carol Vellutini
Keating Vogel
Ani Weaver
Vicki Wedegaertner
Alison Whipple
Bert Whitaker
Deborah White
Todd Wiedenmayer
Susan Wielk
Andrea Williamson and Nick Stewart
Patrick Woodworth
Benjamin Young
Betty Young
Barbara Yungert
Pamela Zimmerman

Foundations & Corporate Gifts

This list represents grants and donations received between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Bancroft Foundation
Chevron Matching Employee Funds
ClifBar Family Foundation
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP: NRCS/USDA)
Fledgling Fund
Flora L. Thornton Foundation
Healdsburg Forever (CFSC)
Irwin Belk Education Foundation
Jackson Family Enterprises
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Norberg Family Foundation
Sonoma County Resilience Fund of CFSC
Sonoma County Vintners Foundation
Summit State Bank
The Christensen Fund
The Dorothy and Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation
The Heck Foundation
The Kimball Foundation
The Lenore and Howard Klein Foundation, Inc.
Thelma Doelger Trust For Animals
Uplands Family Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

In-Kind Support

This list represents donations received between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Stephen and Linda Barnhart
Judith Fenley
Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery
Henhouse Brewing Company
Jackson Family Enterprises
Kelly Kohrs and Clayton Boydston
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Richard and Marcie Martinez
George and Nancy Montgomery
Moshin Vineyards
Rombauer Vineyards
Dustin Zuckerman and Amber Huntington


These amazing volunteers donated over 2,900 hours between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Thank you!

Morgan Abbott
Larissa Alchin
Celio Aldahir Aldahir Batres
Katie Alden
David Allan
Dena Allen
Pauline Allen
Tor Allen
Janet Anderson*
Michael Anzures
Laura Bakker
Judy Barcelon
Jenn Baring
Irene Barnard
Linda Barnhart*
Steve Barnhart*
Janet Bosshard
Jerry Bowerman
Julianne Bradbury*
Bill Bridges*
Dan Brown
Geri Brown
Kathryn Brown
Shane Brown
Samantha Brunner
Robert Butler
Danielle Carney
Ellery Charleton
Nick Chase
John Codding
Anna Colarusso
Shannon Cook
John-Logan Coots
Elizabeth Crane
Heidi Davis
Nicholas Deleissegues
Greg Deniz
Abhijeet Dubhashi
Debbie Ebling
Samantha Elias
Eva English
Miron English
Liz Estupinan Cano
Caitlin Fanning
Megan Farmer
Lindajoy Fenley
Virginia Fifield
Robin Finkelstein
Steve Finkelstein
Peter Forte
Makayla Freed
Dakota Freeman
Dennis Fujita
Jane Fusek
Jill Gerry*
Nancy Giambastiani
Michael Golas*
Natasha Granoff*
John Grech
Carolyn Greene
Eleanor Guerin*
Elaine Gutsch*
Corey Hall
Jackie Hallerberg
Bill Haluzak*
Evan Haluzak
Flora Haluzak*
Cecilia Hannon
Jennifer Harris
Lynn Harris*
Melinda Harris
Jane Haught
Madison Hayes
Emily Heaton
Peter Herniman
Sam Herniman*
Wendy Herniman*
John Hibbard
Ben Hoffman
Emma Hoffman
Kaite Holden
Pam Horton*
Virginia Hotz-Steenhoven*
Theresa House
Ann Howald
Jessica Hughes
Amy Hulsman
Amber Huntington
David Hurley
Mary Irving*
Marty isom
Tina Ius*
George Jackson*
Cerese Jantzen
Christopher Jantzen
Molly Jantzen
Sean Jeane
Sarah Johnduff
Katryna Johnson
Edward Jones
Heide Keeble
Maya Khosla
Margie King
Bobbi Lance
Christina Lang
Marion Larsen
Justine Law
Darlene Leffler*
Dennis Leffler
Frederic Leist
David Leland
Claudia Lepe
Lisa Liff
Leslie Lihou
Betsy Livingstone
Susie Mangus
John Marley*
Bryan Martin*
Marcie Martinez
Will McLaughlin
Marian Mejia
Ariana Melo
Caroline Mlynar
Christina Monisteri
Gary Morgret*
Suzy Nguyen
Jayce Noble
Elena Noyes
Susan Nuernberg*
Darrell O'Neal
Jennifer Palladini
Claire Pavelka
Julian Pelayo Bracamontes
Wendy Peterson
Sinoun Phoung
Sadie Phy
Sophia Porter*
Rina Pringle
Neelesh Raj
Brian Reed
Judy Reid
Rhio Reigh
Catherine Reisman
Marylee Requa
Karen Reyes
Daniel Richer
Susan Richter
Dana Riggs
Peggy Rockwood
Chad Rodgers
Barbara Rosen
Mike Rosen
Naomi Rubin
Stephen Ruehmann*
Karla Schloemp
Taylor Scobey
Yoselin Sepulveda
Sloane Shinn
Hillary Smith
Jenny Smith
Donna Stusser
Lorraine Suter
Tori Suter
Cricket Swannucci*
Mich Swannucci*
Kim Taddei
Mo Tatlhego
Bonnie Thomasson
Caitlyn Thomasson
Jeremy Thompson
Tasha Todt
Jim Tomlinson
Kristi Topracki
Mitzi Tsujihara
Kent Ustiantseff
Muffy Vasale
Veronica Vasquez
Lisa Velasquez
Christine Wall
Peter Warner
Ben Whipple
Elyse Will
Burr Wilson
Ian Winter
Mike Winter*
David Wyckoff
Jasmine Zamora
Irina Zhuravskaya
Dustin Zuckerman

*Names  in bold/with asterisks are Pepperwood Stewards, our highly trained and exceptionally committed volunteers.