Building Climate & Fire Resilience

Promoting landscape habitability and resiliency in our region and beyond.

Climate Resilience is Fire Resilience

Globally, warming temperatures and changing weather patterns have given rise to unprecedented conditions: extreme heat, more intense storms, droughts, sea level rise, and wildfires. These conditions are generated by a warming trend just shy of 2° Fahrenheit. If we do not change course to reverse our emissions trajectory within the next ten years, the warming is projected to triple by this century's end.

Pepperwood’s Building Climate and Fire Resilience initiative is focused on increasing our resilience to accelerating climate and fire hazards while maintaining or enhancing the health of our watersheds and ecosystems.


Climate change and how it is affecting our natural world is the dominant issue of this decade.
What we do now matters. Act now.

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Our Approach: Building Climate & Fire Resilience

Our goal through this initiative is to take action now to leverage nature-based solutions that protect communities by  reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stewarding landscape resilience.

– Work with public and private land and water managers to co-produce and interpret high-resolution climate, hydrology, forest, and fire data to support real-time hazard warning systems.

– Inform regional water security and fire resilience strategies while increasing accessibility of stewardship resources like the Wildfire Fuel Mapper.

– Advance the best available science to inform climate adaptation strategies for natural resources in California’s Coast Ranges via the TBC3.

– Serve as a demonstration "Sentinel Site" for post-fire watershed and ecosystem restoration, as well as wildfire preparedness.

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