• The Burning Question for California Wine Country

    Pepperwood is a microcosm of an environment under siege. “When you get into fire modeling, you have to basically characterize the landscape condition. There’s two parts of that: There’s the fuel, and there’s the dryness of the fuel. Then there’s the wind. Then there’s the ignition, which is kind of the Russian roulette of the equation,” Micheli explains…

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  • Jim Caldwell Exhibition

    Jim Caldwell Gallery Exhibition Quercus Agrifolia: Northern California Landscapes   Now through August 15th We’re proud to present the work of distinguished Bay Area landscape painter, Jim Caldwell, at the Pepperwood Gallery now through August 15th. A portion of the proceeds from the art sales directly support Pepperwood. Please contact to Sloane Shinn, Community Engagement, […]

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  • Diversifying the Future of Conservation

    Steven has had the privilege of working with nineteen different interns, and each of them has brought something unique to the Wildlife Picture Index project through the Conservation Science Internship.

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  • Learning How Forest Stewardship Affects Our Watersheds

    The primary objective of our land stewardship at Pepperwood is to cultivate healthier ecosystems. We are testing the hypothesis that forest thinning may increase water yield by using a paired watershed approach. This study, investigating the relationships between forest stewardship and watershed response, is the first of its kind in our region.

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  • Pepperwood’s Wildlife Images Contribute to First-Ever Mammal Survey of its Kind

    The images from Pepperwood’s Wildlife Picture Index camera network contributed to this amazing, first-ever large-scale mammal study of its kind! 

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  • Michael Gillogly: Three Decades of Stewardship

    It was 22 years ago when, prior to submitting a bid to the California Academy of Sciences for the purchase of Pepperwood, Jane and I defined our shared vision for what we were about to undertake. We envisioned a place where conservation science, research and nature education could meet, and connect people with the places that sustain them.

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  • All Eyes on Drought & Fire

    As the summer heat encroaches, the North Bay’s drought is now considered exceptional. What does this mean as we head deeper into fire season? 

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  • Pepperwood is Hiring!

    Are you or someone you know that special person who combines a passion for the environment with outstanding project management, communication skills, and fundraising experience? Then you could be the person to help us fill this critical position on Pepperwood’s leadership team.

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  • Earth Month: Celebrating Our Volunteers & Stewards

    I remember the first volunteer workday I ever hosted at Pepperwood. It was cold, wet, and the wind was blowing hard. As I stood there, chilled to the bone and waiting for anyone at all to show up, I thought to myself who in their right mind would come out to volunteer in weather like this just for the fun of it?

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  • First Cohort of Climate Stewards Graduate!

    This month we were thrilled to award 23 participants their UC Climate Stewards Certification in collaboration with the University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources program!

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