• May is for Monitoring Our Grasslands

    With Michelle Halbur, Preserve Ecologist – Every spring at Pepperwood, our research team spends a half-month out in the grasslands conducting grassland monitoring. We’ve been doing this at the same exact time every year for twelve years, and this May marks our thirteenth season. Why do we do this? Because we are monitoring the long-term health of our heroic – YES, heroic – grassland communities.

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  • Can Nature Nerds Save Civil Discourse?

    By Dr. Lisa Micheli, President & CEO – Our international tribe of nature nerds are generating a glimmer of hope for healthy online conflict management and resolution. So now iNat has innovated new ways to build healthy relationships between the millions across the globe dedicated to understanding and protecting our natural world. Judging from my own experience, if scientists can resolve potentially heated debates about where organisms land on the tree of life, maybe there is hope for all of us. 

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  • La nueva herramienta de Pepperwood para la quemas controladas

    Puede parecer un camión F-350 bien equipado, pero este nuevo equipo ayuda a desarrollar la capacidad de nuestra comunidad para realizar actividades de quema controlada.

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  • Appreciation for Our New Fire Truck

    This may just look like a nicely outfitted F-350 truck, but with 250 gallons-worth of water holding capacity, and equipped with pump and hose, this Type 6 fire truck (classified based on the pumping power and the water holding capacity according to state and federal specifications) will allow us to meet permit requirements for broadcast […]

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  • On the Plant Phenology Trail

    By Natasha Granoff, Pepperwood Steward – The plant-centric Phenology Project monitors two trails in diverse ecosystems with specific plants identified and monitored weekly or bi-weekly. Using a tracking sheet, monitors like me observe and record plant phases throughout the course of the year, including information like: leafing out, bud break, bloom, pollination, and fruit set and ripening. Some plants are easy to monitor, but others are quite challenging to identify phases correctly.

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  • En el sendero donde se hace la fenologia vegetal

    Para mí, lo que es tan gratificante del Proyecto Fenología es estar en la reserva sin importar el clima, la temperatura, la estación o la hora del día. Con una lente macro en la mano, fotografío insectos en las plantas que estoy monitoreando y tomó fotos de cerca de los cambios en la estructura de hojas, botones, flores y frutos. Me ha enseñado que tomarme mi tiempo y observar puede mejorar mi perspectiva.

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  • Science: it’s Your Community – Go Out and Play!

    By Audrey Fry & Holly Wotherspoon, Climate Stewards – Community science is science conducted by non-professionals under the guidance of scientific principles or professionals. We found that community science connects us back to our childlike glee in discovery and participation, inviting us to crouch down for a closer look with other adults ready to do the same. Better yet, is knowing that all this fun contributes to work that helps protect the very environments that enliven us.

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  • Pepperwood y la Biosfera Golden Gate

    Primero respondamos a la pregunta: ¿Qué son reservas de la biosfera? Estas son áreas geográficas designadas oficialmente, reconocidas por el programa “El hombre y la biosfera” (Man and the Biosphere, MaB) de UNESCO, las cuales están compuestas de comunidades y organizaciones que trabajan juntas para mejorar los medios de vida humanos y mantener los beneficios […]

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  • One Conversation at a Time

    By Stephanie Gonzalez – Environmental Educator Connection starts with one conversation at a time; going to community outreach events helps us forge relationships and have a positive impact with our community. With every smile, for every “I did not know that!” comment and “whoa” moment, the positive impact done at these events grows and grows.

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  • Calving Season is in Full Swing

    View the gallery from this year’s Calving Season! Calving season is many things… it is a time of birth and renewal, new beginnings, and reminds us all of how truly regenerative our relationship with the natural world can be. Enjoy the gallery below of pictures from this year’s calving season by local photographer and filmmaker, […]

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