• Connected Lands are Resilient Lands

    As one of only five Mediterranean ecosystems in the world, California is home to a globally exceptional array of plants and animals. Wildlife and their habitats have cultural and spiritual value, deliver essential ecosystem services, and support recreational benefits. In northern California’s Coast Ranges and across the West, subdivision and development splices the natural landscape into increasingly smaller fragments. For reasons we’ll explore, these disconnected landscapes offer less resilience, especially as our climate changes.

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  • Pepperwood CEO, Dr. Lisa Micheli Presenting at National Land Conservation Conference 

    Held this year in Portland, Oregon from September 6-9, the National Land Conservation Conference is where over 1,500 people who share a passion for conservation will re-energize and inspire. Gather to learn about diverse conservation topics, connect with friends and colleagues, and gain the skills you need to take your conservation work further. Dr. Micheli […]

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  • El legado de TeenNat en STEM (ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, y matemáticas)

    En TeenNat, los participantes accedieron a momentos alejados de las redes sociales y las presiones de la vida cotidiana: un lugar donde los adolescentes podían crear conexiones con conceptos científicos, entre sí y con su mundo.

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  • TeenNat’s STEM Legacy

    Away from social media and day-to-day pressures, teens created connections with scientific concepts, each other, and their world at TeenNat 2023. The community that grew during this summer’s programming was not only one of friendship, but also the beginning of a professional network of peers and mentors for these youth…

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  • Grist Features Pepperwood: Learning How to Garden a Forest

    “An outdated land management ideology with roots in colonialism is keeping California and the West from taking essential steps toward mitigating increasingly destructive wildfires.” This article by Kristina Rizga, is an evocative and inspirational narrative of a Sonoma County woman’s journey to stewardship featuring Pepperwood’s team and forest stewardship practices. The author’s experiences working with […]

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  • A Year in the Stephen J. Barnhart Herbarium

    Despite having volunteered at Pepperwood, it wasn’t until I was a Barnhart Intern that I discovered the treasure trove of pressed plants, organized in large steel-gray cabinets housed within the Dwight Center’s walls. Only then, did I begin to grasp the true majesty of the Barnhart Herbarium. I grew excited to learn about what specimens the herbarium held and what such a collection represented…

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  • Using Tech to Break Bottlenecks in Wildlife Monitoring

    By Kathleen Wong, Director of Communications at the UC Natural Reserve System Animal whereabouts are a prime indicator of ecosystem health. Species on the move can suggest local conditions are becoming inhospitable to some or shifting to favor others. Understanding where species are going, and how they’re faring, can aid conservation by identifying the need […]

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  • El Wildfire Fuel Mapper, abierto al público, se expande a Napa

    Un enfoque regional coordinado es necesario para administrar los combustibles y proteger la comunidad local, los ecosistemas y la infraestructura de incendios forestales. Para atender esta necesidad, Pepperwood, Tukman Geospatial y Recursos Agrícolas y Naturales de la Universidad de California fundaron el Wildfire Fuel Mapper – un mapa abierto al público, en línea y gratuito […]

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  • Genetic Monitoring of California’s Burgeoning Black Bear Population

    A new genetic study based at Pepperwood has found that Sonoma County-based matriarch black bears are raising healthy cubs. Through this study we can also see when male bears pass through the area and whether they’re mature or juvenile. We can determine and map the genetics of these bears, which gives us valuable information on […]

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  • From TeenNatter to Education Assistant: a TeenNat Legacy

    Chloe Howard had her whole life planned out in high school. Then she applied for and got into Pepperwood’s TeenNat program and the trajectory of her life changed forever. Now she’s passing that magic onto future TeenNatters…

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