• This Earth Day, Become Friends with the Natural World

    Getting to know your neighbors, human and non-human, is a powerful act of community. Here’s how you can get to know your non-human neighbors…

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  • Integrating Inclusivity and Diversity in our Community

    Margaret Boeger, Pepperwood’s Education Director, currently serves as the Chair of the Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC). Collectively SEEC reaches over 25,000 students and community members annually through school programs, community classes and hikes, youth development programs, camps, and virtual programming.

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  • Cross-Cultural Climate Change Strategies

    Last week at Pepperwood we hosted a regional gathering with over 50 attendees to celebrate the third annual Latino Leaders on Climate change convening. This fun and interactive free workshop, sponsored by United Way, the Citizens Climate Lobby, Pepperwood, the Regional Climate Protection Authority, and the Community Foundation of Sonoma County, was the culmination of […]

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  • 2022 City Nature Challenge

    April is Earth Month, and what a great way to wrap up this month and theme with a global community science bioblitz! The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a global community/citizen science effort to find and document as many plants and wildlife as possible in one weekend, using iNaturalist. This is a great opportunity to […]

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  • Collaborating on California’s “30 x 30”

    What exactly is “30 x 30”? It is a call to action to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030. In response to the climate and extinction crisis, “30 x 30” thus embodies a simplistic goal aiming to be measurable, ambitious, realistic and time bound. It’s a vision recently adopted by the United Nations, and 90 countries including the United States. Champions of this campaign hope it promises perhaps one of the biggest global investments in nature’s resilience to date.

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  • 2022 California Naturalists Cohort Graduates

    Congratulations to Pepperwood’s newly certified UC California Naturalists class of 2022! These fantastic humans completed our 10-week program learning about local geology, birds, mammals, grasslands, stewardship and more. Each naturalist culminated their learning experience with a presentation of a capstone project; these uniquely wonderful projects ranged in scope from creating field guides of local mushrooms […]

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  • Creating a Truly Inclusive Conservation Science Community

    By Tosha Comendant, Conservation Science Manager As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate the foundational and innovative role women play in sustaining the planet that sustains us. As a fiercely egalitarian thinker, I initially bristled at the concept of “one day” (International Women’s Day is March 8) or “one month” (March) to celebrate women. […]

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  • First Cultural Burn at Pepperwood in Over 200 Years

    At Pepperwood, we believe that California Native communities must be active partners in the re-integration of Native lifeways and TEK into the life and landscapes of Northern California, and we’re translating this belief into action. This past month, the first cultural burn in nearly 200 years took place at Pepperwood, led by Indigenous Education Coordinator, […]

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  • Developing Geologic Thought

    By Mary Stroh-Twichell, Geologist & Madrone Circle Donor. The natural world is the Earth itself and it’s history. Earth has a long history, in the vicinity of five thousand million years, aka five billion. Land masses, oceans, and atmospheres have changed multiple times, so thinking about and imagining processes that have sculpted the Earth over time is a daunting but necessary task to understanding life on Earth…

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  • Gallery Exhibit: Flora – the Joy of Flowers

      An Exhibit in Pepperwood’s Gallery featuring the Photography of Gerald Corsi Springtime brings renewal for all living beings. Sunshine, warmth, and precious refreshing rains infuse us all with a feeling of revitalization. Wildflowers are one of the best and certainly the most beautiful evidence of the fresh springtime energy that is emerging. Gerald Corsi, […]

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