• Appreciating & Protecting Biodiversity

    Did you know that the gray fox – a member of the dog family – can climb a tree like a cat? And I mean a vertical tree, not a sloped trunk that an acrobatic dog can clamber onto. Thanks to a set of strong, hooked claws…

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  • Lisa Micheli Featured in Bloomberg Opinion

    With Climate Change, There May Be No Best Place to Live by Francis Wilkinson, journalist with Bloomberg Opinion This is an excerpt – find the original article here. Climate change is having a breakout performance this year. Throughout the U.S., the slow-motion calamity long described in scientific studies and news articles has been visible to […]

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  • Partnership Spotlight: Latino Service Providers

    Pepperwood’s partnership with Latino Service Providers (LSP) began just as the pandemic was taking hold. Leaders from both of these organizations were pivoting to accommodate virtual youth programs, and brainstormed how we could work together to combine programs to maximize impact on local youth…

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  • Local Leaders to Announce Efforts to Improve California Resiliency

    U.S. Senator Alex Padilla Convenes Roundtable with Local Leaders to Announce Efforts to Improve Federal Wildfire Assistance for California [click title to view the original press release at Sierra Sun Times] August 29, 2021 – SANTA ROSA, CA – Last Friday, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) hosted a discussion and listening roundtable with local leaders in Santa Rosa on […]

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  • Restoring Our Collective Spirit at TeenNat

    Though this summer our cohort was smaller than most years to accommodate COVID-19 safety concerns, the smaller group still made a BIG impression on me…

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  • Clint McKay’s Baskets are on a Journey to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is now featuring basketry by renowned weaver and Sonoma County Native, Clint McKay (Dry Creek Pomo, Wappo and Wintun), Pepperwood’s Indigenous Education Coordinator and the Chair of our Native Advisory Council. The Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo exhibit explores the intercultural exchange between French-born and trained American artist […]

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  • Searching for Bear Sign

    Ahh Ursus americanus – the American Black Bear. These bears are native to all North America and are without a doubt one of our most iconic terrestrial species living today. To better understand our bear populations, a team of scientists led by Steven Hammerich have journeyed deep into the preserve to look for signs of bear…

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  • Tour the TeenNat 2021 Project Gallery

    TeenNat 2021 culminated with presentations of student-driven projects including creative short films, nature journals, photography, paintings, and research projects on plants and animals they chose to study. We invite you to explore this diverse gallery of projects the teens completed, for a glimpse into their experiences this summer! TEENNAT 2021 PROJECT GALLERY To learn more […]

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  • The Sonoma County Wildfire Fuel Mapper

    What’s needed to reduce fire risk in Sonoma County? A coordinated regional approach to manage fire fuels and protect local communities, ecosystems, and infrastructure from wildfire. Pepperwood collaborates with the University of California Cooperative Extension to provide the Wildfire Fuel Mapper – an online application that supports forest management efforts, with a focus on reducing hazardous […]

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  • What does it mean to participate in the CA Biodiversity Network?

    Pepperwood was a founding organization of the CA Biodiversity Network joining over 45 other nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and state and federal agencies to unite in synergistic action.

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