• POSTPONED — Special Gallery Exhibition featuring distinguished Bay Area artist Jim Caldwell

    *Postponed – We regret to inform you that, due to concerns about COVID-19, we have decided to postpone this exhibition. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the new dates for this exhibition* Quercus agrifolia: An Exhibition of Northern California Landscapes by distinguished Bay Area artist Jim Caldwell Dates TBD Pepperwood is proud to present the work […]

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  • Tribes Observe Effects on Culturally-significant Plants due to Climate Change

    California Department of Water Resources interviewed the Chair of our Native Advisory Council, Clint McKay, about the effects of climate change on culturally-significant plants in the region. Read the full article here.  

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  • Information Needs for Land Stewardship in Fire-adapted Landscapes

    In order to target efforts to effectively minimize fire hazards, land managers need access to site-specific information on fire hazards, such as forest structure and fuel load, that increase an area’s vulnerability to wildfire. As part of his Masters work, Sean Reilly is conducting a study to gather perspectives from land managers on the role of information in their decision-making around land management in fire-adapted landscapes.

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  • The Basket Weavers: Clint McKay & Pomo Basketry featured on Northern California Public Media

    On the last day of 2019, Northern California Public Media aired an episode of their Bay Area Bountiful series called “Preserving Traditions.” Pepperwood’s Native Advisory Council Chair, Clint McKay, was featured in the episode. Clint talks about Pomo basket weaving, the importance of basketry, and the importance of tending the habitats that support the plants […]

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  • Chile California Conservation Exchange 2019

    In October, the third annual Chile California Conservation Exchange convened at the Marconi Conference Center on Tomales Bay to discuss coastal planning and regulation, marine protected area and fisheries, large landscape protection strategies, standards for private land conservation, supporting national park, communications, tax policy and conservation philanthropy. The climate crisis informed all of the presentations […]

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  • Inspiring Others in a Time Requiring Innovation and Transformation

    Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood’s trailblazing CEO and President, has been inspiring folks around the world by speaking to the incredible opportunity that a changing climate presents humanity. “We are in a time that requires radical innovation and transformation,” said Dr. Micheli at the 2019 Invoking the Pause Summit in San Francisco, “so we all have to […]

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  • Pepperwood’s Fog Monitoring highlighted in Lake County News

    Why do we measure fog and precipitation as part of our Sentinel Site here at Pepperwood? First you need to understand how fog is utilized by the inhabitants of our region’s ecosystems. This is a nifty and brief article that breaks down some of these questions while also highlighting the important climate monitoring research going […]

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  • Field Notes Blogcast: Meghan Walla Murphy on the Bear Necessities!

    Pepperwood’s second Field Notes Blogcast! Meghan Walla Murphy joined us for our latest Discover Nature Lecture back in November after the Kincade Fire. We hope you enjoy the highlights!

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  • Creating Connections Beyond the Classroom

    To be effective, educators need to foster a learning environment for their students that meets a student’s social and emotional needs while also delivering important instructional content. Pepperwood hosted a seminar to help environmental educators achieve this balance in their teaching.

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  • Coverage of the North Bay Bear Collaborative

    Building a bear-tolerant culture in Sonoma County is a worthwhile endeavor, especially since black bears have become more than a visiting presence in the North Bay. People need to understand how to live safely and healthfully with our bear neighbors. The North Bay Bear Collaborative is a working group designed to achieve that goal. Find […]

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