A Pepperwood weather station above the fog

An operating manual for open spaces

Thanks to funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and support from the community, Pepperwood has created a comprehensive peer-reviewed Adaptive Management Plan for our preserve that will serve as a guide for other open spaces in the region. Its 200+ pages provide insights into stewarding different types of ecosystems and detail how we monitor plant and animal life over time using our Sentinel Site to inform our practices. Many experts have contributed, including our Native Advisory Council Chair Clint McKay and our forester, SRJC Professor Fred Euphrat.

Pepperwood's Adaptive Management Plan includes a comprehensive strategy for managing vegetation to mitigate the risks of catastrophic wildfire that is applicable well beyond Pepperwood’s borders. With its foundation in the scientific research conducted on our preserve, this plan incorporates an ongoing cycle of feedback for adapting management practices based on outcomes monitored onsite. We’re now sharing this guide with others, including our partners who manage parks, open spaces, and critical watersheds.

Pepperwood's Peer-reviewed Adaptive Management Plan



Download the Plan
(15MB PDF file)