Science Solutions for Resilience

To mobilize a wave of conservation action over the next five years, we will leverage world-class scientific expertise, 21st century technology, and Indigenous knowledge.

Our Unique Assets

Pepperwood’s leadership in ecosystem monitoring, applied interdisciplinary research, nature-based science education, and collaborative conservation action is grounded in our unique assets.

Unrivaled Location and Facilities

Over the next five years, Pepperwood will replace three structures lost in the fires of 2017 with new green and fire-resilient facilities; establish a new telecommunications network for data integration and dissemination; maximize use of renewable energy; and build a new outdoor nature observatory for those with physical limitations.

Our Sentinel Site

Over the next five years, we will build on this empirical foundation to evaluate long-term trends and processes, serve as a test-bed for new sensor technologies, and advance real-time hazard forecast and warning systems for our region and beyond.

Interdisciplinary Research and Institutional Partnerships

Demand for our expertise co-creating climate solutions with business leaders, government agencies, and private organizations continues to grow. From Monterey to Mendocino, over the next five years we will expand our role serving public and private partners with customized data products to meet their most urgent needs.

Inquiry-Based Science Education

Over the next five years, we will continue to share bilingual Spanish-English science curricula with academic partners, deliver more than 40 offerings to the community each year, and directly serve nearly 1,000 elementary school students and 500 youth annually, while growing our roster of science-based landowner and technical workshops.

Living with Wildfire

Over the next five years, we will unite field data with remote-sensing (airborne and satellite) data products to improve hazard mapping and demonstrate effective forest treatment planning and implementation with CAL FIRE and other agencies.

Indigenous Leadership

Indigenous perspectives are now needed more than ever to complement science-based approaches to resilience. Over the next five years, we will expand Indigenous leadership within our organization, grow opportunities for Indigenous youth and families to participate in programming, and support the expansion of the Native Advisory Council’s capacity to engage in statewide, national, and global Indigenous networks.

Strategic Initiatives

Connecting with Nature

Connect people to nature and inspire a lifelong conservation ethic through exploration, observation, science, and artistic expression.

Restoring Native Grasslands

Develop, implement, and disseminate best management techniques to regenerate healthy grasslands.

Linking Landscapes for Wildlife

Increase the pace and scale of conservation actions that sustain or improve habitat quality and connectivity for wildlife.

Building Climate and Fire Resilience

Increase our community’s resilience to climate and fire hazards by enhancing the health of our watersheds and ecosystems.


3,200 acres of "forever wild" protected habitat


900+ species of plants and wildlife protected


8+ large landscape conservation partnerships advancing resilience


320 data streams measuring nature's pulse via our Sentinel Site

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