Pepperwood's Native Advisory Council

Pepperwood is grateful to be partnered with local tribal elders through our Native Advisory Council. Council members provide important insights into cultural and land management practices that inform our research and education programs. They bring with them a legacy of environmental stewardship that stretches back for millennia, and share Traditional Ecological Knowledge that is just as relevant—and perhaps even more critical—today as it was a thousand years ago.

Above photo (from left to right): Lucy McKay, Clint McKay, Ben Benson, TekTekh Gabaldon, L. Frank, Dr. Brenda Flyswithhawks

The purpose of our Native Advisory Council is to foster open communication between Pepperwood and local indigenous communities, to ensure appropriate management of cultural resources on-site, and to foster collaborative projects that advance mutual program goals.

Native Advisory Council work at Pepperwood

  • Advising on the stewardship of cultural resources on site
  • Integrating traditional ecological knowledge into the adaptive management of the preserve
  • Hosting local native community members in educational events and cultural celebrations
  • Sharing cultural perspectives by serving as leaders in community outreach and public engagement

Objectives of our partnership

To engage volunteer council-members in quarterly gatherings focused on updates and exchanges regarding current and proposed projects in order to support and maintain information flow between Pepperwood and our local native communities.

To develop joint projects that explore application of Native land management practices as a resource for contemporary adaptive management of our natural resources.  The role of the Council is to review and prioritize proposals and to help provide connections to native peoples, knowledge, and resources to help strengthen Pepperwood’s programs.

Meet the Native Advisory Council

  • Clint McKay

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  • Lucy McKay

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  • L. Frank

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  • TekTekh Gabaldon

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Pepperwood highly values the wisdom of the Native Advisory Council and we look forward to our continued partnership.