Pepperwood is a leader in forging solutions to advance the health of Northern California’s land, water and wildlife.

Pepperwood's Dwight Center for Conservation Science produces cutting-edge research, provides comprehensive environmental education for all ages, and facilitates an innovative citizen science initiative. We use our 3,200 acre nature preserve as a living laboratory to engage students, volunteers, and scientists in applied conservation. Our singular focus is applying science to safeguard the future of nature for generations to come.

Pepperwood’s mission is to advance science-based conservation
throughout our region and beyond.

Since June 2010, Pepperwood’s Dwight Center for Conservation Science has served over 40,000 visitors. We work with researchers from around the world to address challenges facing land and water managers today and we translate results into educational tools and practical solutions for our community.

Pepperwood reaches diverse audiences ranging from conservation leaders prioritizing open space protection, to college students thirsty for hands-on research experience, to families and youth from throughout the North Bay who delight in exploring Pepperwood through the lens of science. Pepperwood also leads habitat and watershed restoration programs aimed at increasing the health and resilience of the many species that call this land and the surrounding region home.

All of our programs serve as learning models throughout Northern California and beyond. Pepperwood produces the science needed to understand our changing environment and teaches people of all ages how to care for our natural places.

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