Frequently Asked Questions

Pepperwood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the health of Northern California’s land, water and wildlife. For more information, please see our Mission and Overview webpage.

Pepperwood’s 3,200 acre scientific preserve is accessible to the public through our robust environmental education offerings, special events, a vibrant membership program and volunteer opportunities. Visit our Explore Pepperwood webpage to learn how you can visit.

Pepperwood is not a park and does NOT provide open access to the preserve. For a listing of Sonoma County parks and other open spaces accessible to the public without a reservation, please click here.

Pepperwood offers a first through fifth grade program entitled SCENIQ for area elementary schools. Classrooms and school groups can also visit through our Learning Landscapes program. Please contact us for information about other opportunities to bring your students.
Our 3,200 acre preserve is home to a diversity of ecosystems and provides an ideal location for conservation research. Please contact us for more information about research opportunities at Pepperwood.
We’d love your support! Make a donation and join our membership program, take a class, or lend a hand at a volunteer workday. Click here to learn about more ways to get involved.