• Land Stewardship

    Volunteer Workdays (Monthly, on the first Saturday) Hardy volunteers are needed to assist with various outdoor projects related to the ecological restoration and management of the preserve. Projects may include invasive species removal, native seed collection, plant propagation, trail maintenance, building infrastructure and habitat restoration. Native Plant Garden Club (Springtime,

  • Community Science

    Volunteers contribute to many research projects under the umbrella of our Sentinel Site, which serves as a cohesive conservation model integrating climatic, abiotic, and biological monitoring projects that directly inform our land management practices and objectives. Nearly all of our projects involve community scientist support – including our phenology studies,

  • Stewards Program

    Pepperwood Stewards are super volunteers who have completed a rigorous training program and donate time across our research, preserve management, education, and community programs. All of our Stewards must complete either our Climate Steward or California Naturalist courses for certification. Stewards support hikes, proctor classes, play key roles in research