• Pollinators Documentary Video – Gemma Ahern, 14

    I chose to make a video about pollinators in our area. I was passionate about this topic as pollinators other than honey bees are often overlooked, often because many native bees are really small and people don’t stop to look at them. I chose to do a video, as I

  • Sonoma County Ecology Picture Book – Emily Richter, 15

    For my project, I decided to create an elementary-level picture book/field guide highlighting some of the ecosystems and organisms of Sonoma County. When I was younger, I was always interested in natural and physical science. However, the only science books they had at our library besides books about animals were

  • Creek Trail Trash Clean-Up & Analysis – Vincent Huynh, 16

    The reason I chose to do this project is because when I go on runs in the evening, I usually run on this creek and I have noticed that there is an abundance of trash everywhere. This motivated me to clean up this creek because when I am running, I

  • The Importance of Parks & Impacts Climate Change – Sam Houser, 17

    When brainstorming the topic of this project, I knew I wanted to focus on a subject that I already had an emotional connection to. It was clear that some sort of ecological or environmental knowledge needed to be displayed or discussed, so I thought an apt topic would be a

  • Flora & Fauna of Fountaingrove – Sonia Lakshmanan, 15

    I created this project because I want to show my fellow Teenatters how something polluted on the outside can still have beauty within. At first glance, my neighborhood may look like an overgrown wasteland littered with trash from construction. In fact, after many glances it still looked like that. I

  • Neighborhood Trash Clean-Up & Analysis – Sam Sun, 13

    My project was to collect data from the garbage I find in my community. I was motivated to do this project because every time I take a walk outside, I would always encounter garbage. I wanted to live in a cleaner and healthier community, so I decided to base my

  • Importance of Native Species – Anonymous, 13

    I chose this project because I wanted to understand the importance of native species and their effect on the ecosystem. From hearing about my project, I want people to understand the importance of Native species and how essential they are to the ecosystem. It was very challenging making a virtual

  • A Celebration of Sonoma County Regional Parks – Leslie Huerta, 15

    I knew that this project had to be meaningful to me in some way to be as motivated as possible when working on it. In the end, I decided that my project would be a quick video showing a brief history of Sonoma County Regional Parks and how those parks

  • Urban Deer Study – Jake Gonzalez, 15

    My project idea is to take pictures of multiple deer that frequent my area to learn why they might visit and what type of deer they are. The deer frequent almost every night in my neighborhood block so I plan to search the surrounding area to find multiple deer and

  • Bee Conservation Through Photography – Faline Howard, 16

    My project focused on how photography connects to the conservation of the environment, specifically bees. When I was beginning middle school, my Girl Scout troop won a contest of developing and maintaining a bee garden. After the fires in 2017, my troop used our bee garden, along with our efforts