• Local Plants Nature Journal – Kate Wallace, 15

    This project is a nature journal focused on local plants and their pollinators. I chose to do this project because I loved looking at all of the different flowers and pollinators found on the Pepperwood grounds. 

  • Pepperwood Garden Map – Tobey Jetleb, 15

    I created a map of the native plant garden because I have found that there are many interesting plants and animals and overall elements in the garden including the structure, the solar panel that powered the fountain, bird house with baby birds and the variety of native species. So based

  • Oaks of Pepperwood Field Guide – Liam Kelly, 17

    This project is an easy to read guide on some of the Oaks of Pepperwood. It includes Native, Non-Native, True and false oaks, and oak shrub. I chose to do this project because I have always been fascinated by trees especially oaks and maples and I wanted to do a

  • Decomposers (Fungi) of Pepperwood – Zahabiyah Unchwaniwala, 16

    This project is an informational poster about the fungi & decomposers at Pepperwood. I chose to do this project because I knew how important decomposers are in an ecosystem but I was unaware of the cool species of fungi here at Pepperwood. The poster features species including turkey tail, split

  • Climate Change & Tribal Nations Video – Glenn Brassington, 15

    This project is a video on the Effects of Climate Change on Tribal Nations. I chose to do this project because I learned a lot from our talks with Clint McKay, and I wanted to do something related to what he had taught us.

  • Conifer Encroachment Video – Mateo Aparicio, 17

    This project is a video about conifer encroachment in oak woodlands. I chose this project because conifer encroachment was something I had heard of, but didn’t know that much about. I chose this in particular, because I like learning about the complex chains of interaction found in every ecosystem.

  • Water Quality Testing – Graham Grove, 15

    This project was testing and comparing bodies of water in Pepperwood and Calistoga. I chose to do this project because aquatic ecosystems and aquatic organisms interest me much more than anything on land, so I wanted to spend some time getting to know the aquatic ecosystems here in Pepperwood and

  • Medicinal Plants Journal – Ella Johansen, 17

    My project was a nature journal about the flora found in Sonoma County and how they can be used to improve your health. I am very interested in the uses of plants and I had a lot of fun doing it.

  • Lichen Field Guide – Grace Kellison, 17

    This project is a mini field guide to the local lichens found at Pepperwood Preserve. I chose to do this project because I think that lichens are a greatly overlooked group of organisms, and I find them fascinating. I also wanted to do a project that combined art with scientific

  • Declining Ocean Biodiversity – Esthefany Batres Batres, 15

    My TeenNat project was a slideshow on research I did about the decline of ocean biodiversity: the problem, the solutions, and some helpful organizations in California. I chose to do this project because I have done a project on biodiversity loss in general and I realized that not many people