• Nature’s Colors Photo Collage – Ashlen Serpa, 17

    Ashlen took photos throughout the TeenNat program, focusing on capturing as many colors as she could find. She then turned the photos into a collage representing the colors of Pepperwood in the summer season, and highlighted certain subjects to feature with research facts about them. From Ashlen, about her TeenNat

  • Poison Oak Reaction Video – Jin Ko, 15

    From Jin, about his TeenNat experience: “The best part of TeenNat was hiking, and Career Day.”

  • Digital Nature Journal – Leslie Huerta, 16

      From Leslie, on the definition of science: “To me, the word science means exploring and discovering new things about the environment around us. Sometimes, it means looking at something from a new perspective, and overall, to be continuously curious about the world.”  

  • “Scary” Creatures Research – Karen Gutierrez, 16

    From Karen, about her TeenNat experience: “I learned bears like scratching their backs against trees to leave their scent.”  

  • Painted Butterfly Canvas Bag & Research – Satleen Gill, 17

    From Satleen, about her TeenNat project: For my project I painted ten butterflies found in this region. The numbers next to each butterfly match with the scientific names of the butterflies, which I painted onto the straps of the bag. My inspiration to make this project was based on the

  • TeenNat Photo Album – Harman Gill, 15

    Harman practiced photography and captured photos throughout his experiences during TeenNat, and collected them into a slideshow presentation. From Harman, about his TeenNat experience: “My favorite thing that I learned is that people used the scent from the Bay Tree’s leaves to mask their own scent when hunting so that

  • Ink & Watercolor Species Art – Moxie de Leon, 16

    From Moxie, about her TeenNat project and experience: I did one painting with an illustration of a unique experience (in the form of a plant or animal) from each day of TeenNat plus a research guide to each species including interesting facts and information helping to identify the creature. The

  • Butterfly Art & Research – Keaton Close, 16

      Keaton researched butterflies and then created art pieces, including a self-portrait, which incorporated the species she studied. From Keaton, about her TeenNat experience: “When I grow up, I want to purse being a wildlife specialist like Steven (Hammerich), his job seems so fun to me, riding around on the

  • Monarch Butterfly Art & Research – Elise Curtis, 15

    Elise researched the natural history, behavior, and ecology of the monarch butterfly and created an art piece representing the species.         From Elise, about her TeenNat experience: “I learned how to take caution and identify certain dangers like rattle snakes and poison oak.”    

  • Ferns of Pepperwood – Kaori Citti, 15

      Kaori researched and presented about fern species which live at Pepperwood. She wanted to study ferns because she noticed them growing in unexpected places on the preserve. Questions she explored included: Which species live at Pepperwood? Which are drought tolerant? Why can they grow in this environment? From Kaori,