• Climate Stewards

    Pepperwood is proud to offer the newest certification course developed by the UC ANR California Naturalist Program team – the UC Climate Stewards program. Participants in this course will learn how climate is changing both our natural and social systems, and what they can do to improve ecosystem and community

  • California Naturalist

    In this 40-hour course, participants meet to explore Pepperwood and learn about different natural history topics. Each session includes time in the classroom as well as time in the field. Participants will learn about Sonoma County’s natural ecosystems with Pepperwood staff and other local experts in hydrology, soil science, mammalogy,

  • Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative – SEEC

    SEEC – Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative Pepperwood serves as the fiscal sponsor for SEEC, a regional consortium of environmental education professionals from organizations, agencies, networks, and school districts. The SEEC mission is to catalyze cooperation between organizations to cultivate professional excellence and amplify impacts. As a collaborative, SEEC undertakes its mission by

  • Guided Hikes – Learning Landscapes

    Naturalist-led Private Hikes – Learning Landscapes These fee-for-service naturalist-led hikes can be catered to groups of all ages. Observe birds, find animal tracks, search for hidden forest creatures, and support Pepperwood’s biodiversity and research projects – all while stretching your legs and getting outside in the fresh air. Learning Landscape

  • School Field Trips – SCENIQ

    SCENIQ – Students Conducting Environmental Inquiry SCENIQ (students conducting environmental inquiry) is a classroom program for area elementary schools that inspires the curiosity and excitement of our area’s youngest scientists. Designed in accordance to grade-level state science standards, Pepperwood’s SCENIQ brings science to life and enhances learning through experiential discovery

  • Post-fire Restoration of Coast Range Headwaters

    Post-fire Restoration of Coast Range Headwaters Pepperwood is demonstrating a model for post-fire watershed restoration directly applicable to many California habitats. Our goal is to shape and share ecologically-appropriate ways to reduce hazardous fuel loads to help minimize the impacts of catastrophic wildfires. In 2019 Pepperwood launched a three-year effort

  • Historical Ecology

    Vegetation Trends and Cycles in the Fire-Prone Landscapes of Lake, Napa and Sonoma Counties Some of the most destructive and deadly wildfires in the history of the US West have recently occurred in California’s coastal Mayacamas Mountains Range spanning the counties of Lake, Napa, and Sonoma. Yet the relationship between

  • Climate Monitoring

    Pepperwood measures precipitation on the preserve and how it flows through the landscape. A network of sensors located across the preserve measures things like rainfall, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, leaf wetness, and fog. We’re one of only a handful of sites in the entire Bay Area equipped with soil moisture

  • Forest Monitoring

    The forest monitoring study at Pepperwood is creating a vital baseline for the health of Northern California forests that will be valuable to researchers for decades to come. In the short term, the data we’re collecting is helping us understand the effects of extreme weather events like California’s historic drought. Pepperwood

  • Conservation Science Internship (SRJC)

    Pepperwood partners with the Santa Rosa Junior College to offer the annual Conservation Science Internship for students in the MESA program. The Internship entails data analysis for our WPI Project and the student’s deliverables help us to make informed decisions for wildlife and land management done here at the preserve.