• Climate Stewards

    Pepperwood is proud to offer the newest certification course developed by the UC ANR California Naturalist Program team – the UC Climate Stewards program. Participants in this course will learn how climate is changing both our natural and social systems, and what they can do to improve ecosystem and community

  • California Naturalist

    In this 40-hour course, participants meet to explore Pepperwood and learn about different natural history topics. Each session includes time in the classroom as well as time in the field. Participants will learn about Sonoma County’s natural ecosystems with Pepperwood staff and other local experts in hydrology, soil science, mammalogy,

  • Community Science

    Volunteers contribute to many research projects under the umbrella of our Sentinel Site, which serves as a cohesive conservation model integrating climatic, abiotic, and biological monitoring projects that directly inform our land management practices and objectives. Nearly all of our projects involve community scientist support – including our phenology studies,

  • Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative – SEEC

    SEEC – Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative Pepperwood serves as the fiscal sponsor for SEEC, a regional consortium of environmental education professionals from organizations, agencies, networks, and school districts. The SEEC mission is to catalyze cooperation between organizations to cultivate professional excellence and amplify impacts. As a collaborative, SEEC undertakes its mission by

  • Guided Hikes – Learning Landscapes

    Naturalist-led Private Hikes – Learning Landscapes These fee-for-service naturalist-led hikes can be catered to groups of all ages. Observe birds, find animal tracks, search for hidden forest creatures, and support Pepperwood’s biodiversity and research projects – all while stretching your legs and getting outside in the fresh air. Learning Landscape

  • School Field Trips – SCENIQ

    SCENIQ – Students Conducting Environmental Inquiry SCENIQ (students conducting environmental inquiry) is a classroom program for area elementary schools that inspires the curiosity and excitement of our area’s youngest scientists. Designed in accordance to grade-level state science standards, Pepperwood’s SCENIQ brings science to life and enhances learning through experiential discovery

  • Stewards Program

    Pepperwood Stewards are super volunteers who have completed a rigorous training program and donate time across our research, preserve management, education, and community programs. All of our Stewards must complete either our Climate Steward or California Naturalist courses for certification. Stewards support hikes, proctor classes, play key roles in research

  • Summer Institute for Teens – TeenNat

    Summer Institute for Teens Teens get up close and personal with butterflies, lizards, plants, lichens and the abundance of other plant and animal life during TeenNat, a 5-week long summer internship with continuing mentorship and networking opportunities. Interns participate in real research at Pepperwood and learn about career pathways in the

  • Stephen J. Barnhart Herbarium Internship (SRJC)

    Pepperwood is pleased to partner with the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) to host the Stephen J. Barnhart Herbarium SRJC Internship at Pepperwood (Barnhart Internship). Each year, the Barnhart intern will be selected to participate in a unique opportunity to design and implement an applied ecology research project at Pepperwood,

  • Conservation Science Internship (SRJC)

    Pepperwood partners with the Santa Rosa Junior College to offer the annual Conservation Science Internship for students in the MESA program. The Internship entails data analysis for our WPI Project and the student’s deliverables help us to make informed decisions for wildlife and land management done here at the preserve.