Mushrooms of Sonoma County (2nd Date by Popular Demand!)

Saturday, March 7, 2020
10am – 3pm

Meet at the Dwight Center
$35 per participant ($30 for members)
Ages 13 and up welcome

This is the second date for this class, added by popular demand! The winter is a great time to get acquainted with fascinating fungi that are typically unseen the rest of the year. With the rainy season moisture, vital networks of fungal mycelium hiding under our feet and in fallen logs put forth their fruiting bodies – showing us their many mushroom forms from the more recognizable toadstools and shelf fungi to the stranger bird’s nest or jelly fungi. Join Melina Kozanitas, biologist and mycology lecturer at Sonoma State University, to learn how to find and identify local mushrooms at Pepperwood. This class will include a lecture to learn the essentials, field exploration time to collect samples, and lab time to identify specimens found.

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