DISCOVER NATURE – The Bear Necessities

Thursday, November 7, 2019, 7pm lecture

Open House with light refreshments at 6:30pm
Dwight Center for Conservation Science
$10 suggested donation, students free
No reservations necessary

Understanding Bears in the North Bay

For thousands of years, people all over the United States have lived alongside bears. Enthralled by their power and majesty, we have incorporated bears into countless stories and tales. But bears can also inspire fear and misunderstanding. Join local wildlife biologist Meghan Walla-Murphy for an evening exploring bears in Sonoma County and California, including the role they play in maintaining healthy ecosystem, human-bear relationships, and how you can help keep our local bears from becoming a nuisance. Knowing how to make your home and property secure from these intelligent and curious creatures not only keeps us safe, but protects bears too! As an educator, ecological consultant, and writer of books, articles, and essays, Meghan strives to connect people with their internal and external landscapes.

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