DISCOVER NATURE – Pepperwood’s Sentinel Site

Thursday, May 2, 2019, 7pm lecture

Open House with light refreshments at 6:30pm
Dwight Center for Conservation Science
$10 suggested donation, students free
No reservations necessary

Using science and technology to track changes in weather, water, plants, and wildlife

How can we tell if climate change is impacting our local wildlife? What are the effects of a multi-year drought on oak woodlands and grasslands? To truly—and scientifically—answer questions like these, and to better understand how our environment is changing, we need to be constantly monitoring indicators of nature’s health. Enter Pepperwood’s Sentinel Site! For the past 6 years, this cutting-edge network of sensors, instruments and research plots strategically positioned across our 3,200 acre preserve has been taking nature’s vital signs, and painting a high-resolution picture of our wild inhabitants.

Join Pepperwood’s Conservation Science Manager, Dr. Tosha Comendant and Research Technician, Ryan Ferrell, for an evening exploring how our Sentinel Site—newly upgraded in the wake of the fires—is collecting a gold mine of data on everything from soil moisture and leaf wetness to large mammal abundance and oak woodland health. Find out how what we learn here is informing the way we manage our land—and how our science-based best management practices are applicable to our local open spaces and Mediterranean ecosystems around the world.

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