DISCOVER NATURE – The Forest Beneath Our Feet

Thursday, September 5, 2019, 7pm lecture

Open House with light refreshments at 6:30pm
Dwight Center for Conservation Science
$10 suggested donation, students free
No reservations necessary

Exploring the beauty and complexity of California’s grasslands

From afar, our coastal grasslands appear as vast swaths of green that eventually turn golden brown in summer months. Yet, within the small space of a footprint you can find a wealth of diversity – grasses towering over gorgeous wildflowers, busy pollinators, snakes hiding in rodent burrows, and fungi recycling nutrients. Meanwhile, just few steps away, you can find a completely different suite of species of various types and textures.

We invite you to an evening with Pepperwood’s Preserve Ecologist, Michelle Halbur, who will introduce you to a world often overlooked, but integral to our well being. We will explore the history, beauty, and mysteries of this dynamic and complex ecosystem. Learn how Pepperwood is managing our sweeping grasslands – one of the most invaded and threatened systems in California – to support native biodiversity, healthy soils and water quality, and in turn providing benefit to all residents of our community. Come away with a deepened appreciation for the tiny forest beneath our feet.

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