The Board of Directors Address the Leadership Transition

Herb’s View on Pepperwood’s Next Chapter

Dear Friend,

I write to you today on behalf of the Pepperwood Board of Directors to share our excitement for the unfolding of a new chapter for Pepperwood under the leadership of newly promoted Executive Director Margaret Boeger. As we launch this new phase, the Board of Directors and I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Lisa Micheli for her remarkable and abundant contributions during her nearly fifteen years as our initial Executive Director and CEO.

Under Lisa’s leadership, Pepperwood evolved into a hub for scientific research and conservation, specializing in climate adaptation, wildfire resilience, and many other aspects of conservation science and education. Her strong legacy ensures that Pepperwood will continue to support and advance science-based conservation throughout our region and beyond. And I’m pleased to report that as she moves into a research affiliate emeritus role, Lisa will continue to serve as a Pepperwood ambassador via international collaborations derived from her recent Fulbright Fellowship.

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Margaret Boeger has been selected to step in as acting Executive Director because of her science background and her years of dedicated service to Pepperwood. Her deep understanding of the organization’s core mission and her commitment to environmental education and conservation make her the ideal leader to guide Pepperwood. Her leadership ensures the continuity of Pepperwood’s strategic goals and the furthering of its impactful research and community education programs.

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Over the last decade, Pepperwood has grown into a place-based conservation hub for our North Bay region that serves as a model for communities at the front lines of the climate crisis worldwide. Under Margaret´s guidance, the integrated research and education programming that defines our success will continue. Our Board of Directors has set in motion a comprehensive leadership transition plan that ensures a seamless and transparent process that motivates our staff to continue their invaluable work.

I believe Margaret’s expertise and conservation ethic make her an ideal choice for this new role, and I have full confidence in her ability to steer us through this transition with grace and skill. I am incredibly proud of what we, the Pepperwood community, have accomplished together during the past two decades, and you have my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust as we evolve.

Herb Dwight
Chairman of the Board of Directors & Pepperwood Founder

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