Tackling Biodiversity Loss Through the Stephen J. Barnhart Herbarium Internship

It’s well-known that bee species are on the decline. The dominant concern around this issue is that it will severely reduce the natural capital service of pollination of both cultivated crops and wild flowering plant communities and threaten overall ecosystem stability. Santa Rosa Junior College botany and biology professor, Dr. Jennifer Palladini, has designed a bee monitoring project at Pepperwood and is enlisting the help of two interns through the Stephen J. Barnhart Herbarium Internship program – a joint program between Pepperwood and the Santa Rosa Junior College.

According to Dr. Palladini, “this project will produce valuable information with the potential to transform urban landscapes, such as our community college campus, into high-quality native bee habitats.” The two students selected to participate in this project will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful research that aims to minimize biodiversity loss and help develop a habitat enrichment plan for the SRJC campus that can be implemented to transform other campuses into stable habitat islands or corridors.

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