Congratulations to our 2023 UC Climate Steward Graduates!

For 10 weeks this winter, a fantastic group of 20 community-minded folks formed the second cohort of the newest certification course developed by the UC ANR California Naturalist Program team – the UC Climate Stewards program.
Based at Pepperwood, the curriculum focused on climate communication, science, and stewardship. Building upon their course learning (which ranged from how to strategically frame climate communications, trauma-awareness, climate modeling, participatory science, environmental justice, mitigation, adaptation, and community resilience), each participant developed a capstone project in which they dove deep into an area of their choosing with the goal of improving community-scale climate resilience.

Capstone projects covered many subjects like: boots-on-the-ground land stewardship efforts such as volunteering at local parks, collecting data on amphibian populations, removing trash from local waterways with friends and family, developing educational handouts about municipal water conservation efforts, analyzing demographic and climate change opinion data, and developing activities for youth in which they can explore their experiences and emotions around climate change as well as foster hope by developing climate change solutions. Instructor Summer Swallow felt heartened and inspired by the brilliant community work that this cohort accomplished. Great community programs like these aid folks in their environmental advocacy journey, and as the newest cohort of Certified Climate Stewards, we cannot wait to see what they accomplish next!

View the gallery from this year’s Climate Steward Certification Program

Through a hybrid of class discussions, self-paced online learning, and field-based activities, participants become engaged and empowered to help increase community and ecosystem resilience now and for future generations. They work with various experts from Pepperwood’s staff in both the classroom and in the field.



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