CAL FIRE VLOG – Prescribed Burn at Pepperwood Monday 11/21

CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit, in partnership with Pepperwood, conducted a 38-acre prescribed burn on the reserve Monday, November 21. The project size targeted treatment of up to 38 acres to promote healthy forests and reduce wildfire risk on a strategic fire control ridge separating Franz Valley and the Mark West area.

In the below video by CAL FIRE Sonoma Lake Napa Unit, Sonoma County Fire Chief Marshall Turbeville breaks down prescribed fire: what it entails, why we do it, and what stewardship we do alongside it. Chief Turbeville notes the burn intensity of this particular controlled fire and points out how hard the firefighters had to work just to get the fire to take after the soils had been saturated by winter rains. This compares with prescribed fires that took place on the property before the first rains at the end of October, which were notably more effective in reducing fuel loads.

For information on wildfire safety, please visit

Take precautions to protect yourself and your family from ill effects of smoke:

– Know when prescribed fires are happening in your area – follow us on social media at @PepperwoodCA and @pepperwoodpreserveca. You can also follow the hashtag #NorthBayTREX22 (Fire Forward program by Audubon Canyon Ranch)
– Use an air filter at home; wear a mask when outdoors
– Plan ahead to be outside less or decrease your physical activity if local air quality is poor
– The Watch Duty app now has prescribed burn information. Using Watch Duty in combination with an app or website about wind (such as, will alert you to the possibility of smoke moving in from far away. Smoke from prescription burning in other parts of the state or the west can have far-reaching effects.

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