VLOG: Meet the People Who Brought Cultural Burning Back to Pepperwood

Clint McKay’s people have known this land since time immemorial. The Wappo People have been tending the place we now call Pepperwood with intentional fire known as cultural burning for so long that it has shaped the landscape we see today. Their bond with this place, and their understanding of what it needs to be healthy, is something that Western science is just starting to understand. 2022 saw the first cultural burn take place at Pepperwood in over 100 years, and it was led by Clint McKay (Chairman of Pepperwood’s Native Advisory Council and Indigenous Education Coordinator), Michael Gillogly (longtime Preserve Manager), and Devyn Friedfel (Assitant Preserve Manager and Certified California Burn Boss), with support from many other local fire professionals and CAL FIRE. Meet the people who brought cultural burning back to Pepperwood, and what it means to them, in this video by local videographer Ian A. Nelson.

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