Lisa Micheli’s Quest to Unite Mediterranean Biomes Globally

Mediterranean biomes are second in biodiversity only to rainforests, yet less than four percent of these ecosystems are conserved worldwide. They are characterized by mild wet winters and warm to hot, dry summers – and in case you didn’t know, we live in one! Two years ago, thanks to an amazing opportunity via the Global Fulbright Scholarship, our President and CEO Lisa Micheli set out on an expedition to deepen our relationships with similar organizations from each of the four other Mediterranean landscapes across the globe.

In March of 2020, she made it to Catalonia, Spain in the Mediterranean Basin. Just days after she landed, the Covid pandemic upended these plans and brought her back (safe and sound, thank goodness) to our very own Mediterranean landscape here in Sonoma County, CA. The opportunity seemed to have slipped away, almost unnoticed in the chaos brought about by the global pandemic. But Lisa never forgot her mission.

Two years and some change later, we’re thrilled to announce that Lisa is back on the expedition she started in March of 2020! She’s currently working from Perth, Australia, where she’ll be documenting her journey. We’ll report out regularly to keep you apprised of her voyage.

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