2022 City Nature Challenge

April is Earth Month, and what a great way to wrap up this month and theme with a global community science bioblitz! The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a global community/citizen science effort to find and document as many plants and wildlife as possible in one weekend, using iNaturalist. This is a great opportunity to engage in science in your own backyard, neighborhood, or local parks and trails. Knowing what species are in our city helps us study and protect them. The best way to do that is by all of us – scientists, land stewards, and community members alike – working together to document who’s around, be they plant, animal, fungi or something else. It’s as straightforward as possible. All you do is download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone, take a picture of a species, track, scat, or record a sound you’re hearing like a bird call, and then upload it to the app. Uploading an observation using the app on a smart device takes just a few easy steps, and you don’t even need to know what the plant, fungi, or critter is that you are observing! The app will prompt you with a question: what did you see? When you click that it will automatically suggest the most likely identifications based on visually similar and ‘seen nearby” species, so you can learn about what you are observing while you post it. How cool is that? Follow the link for a short tutorial on posting using the app. (Aquí hay un tutorial de iNaturalist en español).

Participate in the City Nature Challenge – you’ll learn more about the species that live in your community, you’ll contribute to science, AND you’ll make your city a better place – for you and other species! 

By the by… that lovely artwork featured on this news article is courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences, who host this fun challenge each and every year. 

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